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Saunders Redding

Saunders Redding is the head of the English Department at Hampton Institute in Virginia and the author of several books. This article is adapted from his most recent work, The Lonesome Road , in...
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Dale Van Every

Dale Van Every, a former United Press editor and Hollywood scenario writer, has long been interested in the Ohio and Mississippi country in the post-Revolutionary period. He has written about it in...
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Edward Brecher

Ruth and Edward Brecher are a husband-and-wife team of free-lance writers who live in West Cornwall, Connecticut; their articles have appeared in many national magazines. Mrs. Brecher became...
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Rene Kuhn Bryant

Rene Kuhn Bryant, a novelist and formerly head of foreign news research for Life , is now a part-time correspondent for Time, Inc., in Boston and a free-lance magazine writer. She lives in...
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William A. Owens

William A. Owens is associate professor of English at Columbia University and director of the Oral History of Texas Oil Pioneers at the University of Texas. He is the author of Slave Mutiny: The...
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E. H. Silverman

E. H. Silverman, a former staff member of True and Argosy, is now a free-lance magazine writer living in Ardsley, N. Y.
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Peter Lyon

Peter Lyon (1915-1996) was a New York-based free-lance writer and a veteran contributor to AMERICAN HERITAGE. His first book, Success Story: The Life and Times of S. S. McClure, is a biography...
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Ray Allen Billington

Historian Ray Allen Billington (1903–1981)was the recipient of the 1974 Bancroft Prize and President of the Organization of American Historians (OAH) from 1962-1963. He authored numerous books...
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Lydel Sims

Lydel Sims is a feature writer on the Memphis Commercial Appeal . He has collaborated on a new book about World War II submarine operations, soon to be published by Little, Brown under the title...
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Merlo J. Pusey

Merlo John Pusey (1902 – 1985) wrote the 1951 Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Supreme Court Justice, Charles Evans Hughes. He also authored The Supreme Court Crisis and Eisenhower, the...
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