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Gilman M. Ostrander

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Donald W. Hogan

Donald W. Hogan is assistant city editor of the New York Herald Tribune . A free-lance writer whose major interest is American history, he has contributed articles to several national magazines.
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Oilman M. Ostrander

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Claude M. Fuess

Dr. Claude Moore Fuess, headmaster emeritus of Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, is a schoolmaster by profession to whom biography is a hobby. He is the author of distinguished lives of...
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George W. Groh

George W. Groh is a former Milwaukee and Corpus Christi, Texas, newspaperman and free-lance magazine writer now working for MD , a medical newsmagazine in New York City.
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Fitzhugh Turner

Fitzhugh Turner, a former associate editor of U.S. News...
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Henry Steele Commager

A longtime member of the editorial advisory board of AMERICAN HERITAGE, Henry Steele Commager (1902-1998) taught at New York University, Columbia, and Amherst College, and authored more than...
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Lou Ann Everett

Mrs. Lou Ann Everett, a former reporter for the Tulsa World, now lives in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, where she and her husband publish a weekly newspaper, the Times, and a national fox-hunting monthly...
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George Howe

A native of Bristol, Rhode Island—whose past he commemorated in his most recent book, Mount Hope —George Howe is a practicing Washington architect who has also made a highly successful career as a...
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E. M. Halliday

E.M. Halliday (1913-2003) was a longtime senior editor of American Heritage, is the author of Understanding Thomas Jefferson; When Hell Froze Over, an account of the Allied invasion of Soviet Russia...
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