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Theodore R. Mckeldin

James D. Hart, professor of English at the University of California, is the author of The Oxford Companion to American Literature and The Popular Book .
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Stewart Holbrook

Stewart Holbrook is a native Vermonter transplanted to Oregon. A magazine contributor and author of many books, he last wrote The Age of the Moguls , a recent best-seller.
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Gerald H. Carson

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David Lavender

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Thomas Graham Belden

Thomas G. Beiden is an engineer and historian, currently associated with the U.S. Air Force as an operations analyst. He and his wife, a free-lance writer, live in Maryland and wrote this special...
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Martha Swain

A native of Illinois, Martha Swain has been a free lance writer in New York for several years and is now on the staff of the Office of Information Services at New York University
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John Myers Myers

John Myers Myers, who lives in Tempe, Arizona, is the author of such books on the Southwest as The Alamo, The Last Chance: Tombstone’s Early Years , and Doc Holliday .
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James D. Hart

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Wayne Gard

Wayne Gard is an editorial writer for the Dallas Morning News and a contributor to various magazines. He is the author of four books; the most recent is The Chisholm Trial .
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Curtis Carroll Davis

Curtis Carroll Davis is a writer on Southern literature and history, author of Chronicler of Cavaliers .
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