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Marshall Flshwick

Marshall Fishwick ii associate professor of American studies at Washington and Lee University. Among his recent books are The Virginia Tradition. General Lee’s Photographer , and American Heroes...
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Harrison Kinney

Paul H. Downing, the technical expert in this collaboration, is an ex-cavalryman and onetime banker whose avocation is horse-drawn vehicles. Recently he became a professional consultant on...
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Frances Williams Browin

Frances Williams Browin, a former editor with magazines and a publishing house, is the author of a number of books for young people, including Big Bridge to Brooklyn: The Roebling Story , just...
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Fred J. Cook

Fred J. Cook was a longtime staff writer for the New York World Telegram and Sun. Called by Studs Terkel "the finest investigative reporter in the land," Cook was the author of 45...
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G. Van Deurs

Rear Admiral Van Deurs, born in Portland, Oregon, in 1901, entered the Navy in 1917, qualified as a naval aviator in 1923, and retired from active service in 1951.
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Clement Eaton

Clement Eaton, professor of history at the University of Kentucky, has written a life of Henry Clay for the “Library of American Biography” series, and is the author of other books about the South.
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Oliver La Farge

Oliver La Farge was a professional anthropologist before he turned to writing as his career. Since then he has pursued anthropology, especially American Indian ethnology, as an avocation. He is the...
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Theodore R. Mckeldin

James D. Hart, professor of English at the University of California, is the author of The Oxford Companion to American Literature and The Popular Book .
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Stewart Holbrook

Stewart Holbrook is a native Vermonter transplanted to Oregon. A magazine contributor and author of many books, he last wrote The Age of the Moguls , a recent best-seller.
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Gerald H. Carson

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