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Richard B. Morris

Richard B. Morris (1904 - 1989) was an American historian who focused on the constitutional, diplomatic, and political history of the American Revolution and the making of the U.S. Constitution. He...
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A. B. C. Whipple

Addison Beecher Colvin Whipple is a historian and author who has written largely about oceanic subjects since the mid-1950s. He was an executive editor at Time-Life Books and before that an...
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Eric Sloane

Eric Sloane is an artist living in a Brookfield, Connecticut, farmhouse built in 1782. He has written and illustrated many books, including the recent American Barns and Covered Bridges . He is...
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E. Alexander Powell

E. Alexander Powell has been a foreign service officer and long-time writer for such magazines as Harper’s, the Atlantic, and the old Scribner’s; he has written 33 books. In preparing this article...
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Hisakazu Kaneko

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Fairfax Downey

Combat officer in two wars, and author of numerous books, Fairfax Downey contributed “Yankee Gunners at Louisbourg” to the February, 1955, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE .
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D. Jay Culver

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Beatrice Hudson Flexner

Beatrice Hudson Flexner is a professional singer and instrumentalist who has made a specialty of performing early American music, and has also lectured on the subject. She is the wife of the...
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Fred C. Kelly

Fred Kelly has written Washington columns and twenty books, three of them about those notable bicycle men, the Wright brothers. A t present he lives in Kensington, Maryland. The illustration on...
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David Herbert Donald

A Mississippian by birth, David Herbert Donald (1920 – 2009) was the Charles Warren Professor of American History (emeritus from 1991) at Harvard University. He received the Pulitzer Prize...
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