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Clarence John Laughlin

Clarence J. Laughlin, a writer-photographer who lives in New Orleans, has had his Louisiana plantation material exhibited in over sixty museums and university art galleries throughout the U. S.;...
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Roy F. Nichols

Roy F. Nichols is vice-provost find dean of the graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. He has written several books on the American political cumule, including The Disruption of...
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Roger Burlingame

Roger Burlingame, a free-lance writer for the past thirty years, is the author of numerous histories, biographies, novels, and juveniles, as well as a steady contributor to the country’s leading...
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Curtis Dahl

Curtis Dahl, Samuel Valentine Cole Professor of English Literature at Wheaton College, in Norton, Massachusetts, is a previous contributor and the author of several critical works on American...
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Reginald Hargreaves

Major Hargreaves is a retired British army officer, a graduate of Cheltenham, and the author of a number of books of history. He lives at Wootton St. Lawrence in Hampshire.
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Laurence Farmer

Dr. Laurence Farmer has compiled a volume of physicians’ letters covering the last 250 years, entitled Doctors’ Legacy . He discussed the 1793 epidemic of yellow fever in Philadelphia in the...
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Penrose Scull

Penrose Scull, author of many articles on business and business history, is currently working on a book about the early history of selling in the United States.
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Helen Augur

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George Dangerfield

English-born George Dangerfield (Oxon. 1927), who is now an American citizen, won both the Bancroft and Pulitzer prizes in 1953 for his study of the Monroe-Adams period, The Era of Good Feelings...
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Lynn Montross

Lynn Montross has written several books on the American Revolution, including The Reluctant Rebels (1950) and Rag, Tag and Bobtail (1951), the story of the Continental Army.
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