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Akira Iriye

Akira Iriye has been a professor of History at Harvard University since 1989. Prof. Iriye was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1934 and graduated from a Tokyo high school in 1953. He received a B.A. from...
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Susan Eisenhower

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Jeanine Basinger

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Michael Beschloss

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Alvin Kernan

Alvin Kernan, a former dean of the Graduate School and an emeritus professor of English, is a veteran of both real war and culture war. He described the former in Crossing the Line (1995), his...
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David Rabb

David Rapp has written about history for American Heritage, Technology Review, and Out. He has a degree in film from New York University.
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Berry Benson

Berry Benson was a young Confederate sharpshooter who served in General Samuel McGowan’s First South Carolina Brigade. His memoirs were recently published by the University of Georgia Press as Berry...
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John F. Ross

John F. Ross was the Executive Editor of American Heritage and Invention...
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Timothy Head

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Paul Aron

Paul Aron is senior editor at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Previously he was a reporter for The Virginia Gazette and executive editor at Simon & Schuster.
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