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Louis Morton

Louis Morton, chief of the Pacific Section of the Army’s Office of Military History, has written on military and colonial history. His latest book, The Fall of the Philippines , is a volume in the...
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Ruth Painter Randall

Wife of the late James G. Randall, Ruth Painter Randall was present at the 1947 opening of the Lincoln Papers in Springfield. The above article is a chapter from Lincoln’s Sons , to be published...
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Beverley L. Britton

Copyright, 1955, by William H. Reams, Jr., and Beveilcy L. Britton ©. William H. Kearns, Jr., has flown Antarctic missions for the Navy, and in 1946-47 accompanied the Byrd expedition. Beverley L...
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Carleton Beals

Carleton Beals is the author of over 25 books, and is well-known as a lecturer in this country. His latest book, Our Yankee Heritage: New England’s Contribution to American Civilization , was...
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R. N. Current

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Alfred Hoyt Bill

Alfred Hoyt Bill has lived in Princeton, New Jersey, since 1933 and has concentrated his writing on this area. His books include The Campaign of Princeton, 1776-1777 ; Valley Forge, the Making...
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Dorothie Bobbe

Mrs. Dorothie Bobbe, a British-born resident of New York, is the author of Abigail Adams, De Witt Clinton, Mr. & Mrs. John Quincy Adams , etc. She is working now on a biography of Hamilton....
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Oscar Handlin

Copyright, 1954, 1955, by Oscar Handlin. A professor of history at Harvard University, Oscar Handlin is the author of a number of books. In 1952 he won the Pulitzer Prize with The Uprooted , a...
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Stefan Lorant

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Esther M. Douty

Esther M. Douty of Washington, D.C., is the author of The Story of Stephen Foster (Grosset & Dunlap) and of a forthcoming book dealing with the adventures of John Wise.
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