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Benjamin P. Thomas

Benjamin P. Thomas was the author of the acclaimed Abraham Lincoln: A Biography (New York, 1952). His 1934 book, Lincoln’s New Salem, remains a classic study of the frontier community that was the...
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Cedric A. Larson

Cedric A. Larson was a Stanford graduate and veteran of the Navy. He is the co-author of Words That Won the War; an examination of the papers of the Creel "Committee on Public Information."
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A. C. M. Azoy

A graduate of Princeton University, Colonel A. C. M. Azoy retired from the Army in 1951 after serving in both world wars. His assignments included chief of the Occupational History Branch of the...
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Richard Moody

Richard Moody is an associate professor of speech and theater at Indiana University. His book, America Takes the Stage , published this year, is on the American theater, 1750 to 1900.
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Walker Evans

John Mass was born in Vienna and, after coming to this country in 1941, served with the Army Air Force. He is presently an art director with an advertising agency and also an instructor at the...
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Alvin Harlow

Alvin Harlow has written extensively on transportation and social history. Among his books are Steelways of Old New England , Old Bowery Days and Weep No More, My Lady .
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Alan Villiers

Captain Alan Villiers (1903 – 1982) was an author, photographer, lecturer and Master Mariner. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Villiers first went to sea at age 15 and served as one...
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John Walton

John Walton teaches in the education department of Johns Hopkins University and is the author of John Filson of Kentucke , to be published this year by the University of Kentucky Press.
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Orester Caldwell

Orester Caldwell, a publishing executive, was a former member of the first Federal Radio Commission, whose functions were later absorbed by the Federal Communications Commission.
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Chester H. Lang

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