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Thomas H. Johnson

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Clay Perry

Clay Perry is the author of Underground Empire , the last in a series on American caves. He is now writing an historical novel on Knox’s feat, in collaboration with John L. E. Pell.
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Frank Freidel

Frank Freidel is professor of history at Stanford University, and is working on an extensive biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt, of which two volumes have been published. The above article is a...
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Wilson Brown

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M. M. Marberry

This article is a chapter from a book, Lola Montez in America , to be published next fall. Mr. Marberry lives in New York, is author of Splendid Poseur , a biography of Joaquin Miller, and The...
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Boyd B. Stutler

Boyd B. Stutler is a newspaperman who for 18 years was managing editor of the American Legion Magazine . He has followed the John Brown theme for 40 years and is now working on a biography. He...
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Willard King

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Paul A. W. Wallace

Paul A. W. Wallace, editor of Pennsylvania History , is author of several books on Indian and Colonial history. Inset drawings are by Ray Fadden, present-day Mohawk. They represent traditional...
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Charles H. P. Copeland

Charles Henry Powers Copeland is Curator of Maritime History and Librarian of the Peabody Museum of Salem, Mass.
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