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Backer, Wm. B.
A newswriter for a Detroit television station, Wm. B. Decker has written extensively on photographic history.
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Bacon, Martha
Martha Bacon has taught English at the University of Rhode Island, and is the author of the novel, A Masque of Exile , recently published by Clarkson Potter, Inc. This is her second contribution to AMERICAN HERITAGE . For further reading:
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Baida, Peter
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Bailes, Kendall
Kendall Bailes of Merriam, Kansas, is a sophomore at Dartmouth College.
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Bailey, Thomas A.
Professor Bailey has written such books as Woodrow Wilson and the Lost Peace, Woodrow Wilson and the Great Betrayal, A Diplomatic History of the American People , and the recently published The American Pageant .
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Bailey, Beth
Beth Bailey is a social/cultural historian and professor at Temple University. Her research has focused on the history of gender and sexuality and on war and society/military institutions in US history; her most recent book is America’s Army: Making the All-Volunteer Force (2009). Her previous books include Sex in the Heartland and From Front Porch to
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Bailyn, Bernard
This article is adapted from Bernard Bailyn’s forthcoming Voyagers to the West , which will be published by Alfred A. Knopf in the fall. Dr. Bailyn, a professor of history at Harvard, has won the Pulitzer and Bancroft prizes and the National Book Award for previous books.
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Bain, David Haward
David Haward Bain is the author of Sitting in Darkness , about Philippine-American relations, which was published last year by Houqhton-Mifflin.
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Baird, Logan
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Baker, Wallace C.
Wallace C. Baker of Massapequa Park, New York, is publications editor for a Long Island manufacturing concern.
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Baker, Carlos
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Baker, Liva
A frequent contributor to AMERICAN HERITAGE , Liva Baker is the author of “With All Deliberate Speed,” dealing with the Supreme Court desegregation laws (February, 1973), and “The Burning of Chambersburg” during the Civil War (August, 1973). She is just finishing a book about the Seven Sister colleges for Macmill
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Baker, James Wesley
James Wesley Baker, a free-lance writer from Eastover, S. C., specializes in the colonial and Revolutionär): history of the South.
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Baker, Russell
Russell Baker is an American writer best known for his satirical commentary and comedic prose. He won his first Pulitzer Prize in 1979 for his "Observer" columns in The New York Times, and won his second Pulitzer three years later for his autobiography, Growing Up. Throughout his distinguished career Baker also edited Russell Baker's Book of American Humor,
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Baker, Kevin
Kevin Baker is an author and journalist whose work frequently covers American history, culture, and sports. His three-part, “City of Fire” historical fiction trilogy—Paradise Alley, Dreamland, and Strivers Row—covers New York from the mid-19th to the mid-20th century, and his latest novel, The Big Crowd, is set in the city just after World War II. He is also the
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Baker, Jean H.
Jean H. Baker, author of Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography (W. W. Norton 2008) and a professor of history at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. Her two latest books include: Sisters: The Lives of America's Suffragists, and the recently published Margaret San
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Baldwin, Hanson W.
An Annapolis graduate, Mr. Baldwin began his newspaper career in 1928 with the Baltimore Sun. He joined the New York Times a year later and soon began specializing in military and naval affairs. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1942 for a series of articles on the situation in the South Pacific, and that same year became the Times’ military editor, a positi
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Banks, Scott
Scott Banks, a lifelong Alaskan, makes his home in Anchorage.
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Barber, James G.
James G. Barber, a historian at the National Portrait Gallery, in Washington, D. C., is the author of Andrew Jackson: A Portrait Study . Currently he is surveying the portraits of Henry Clay. The views he expresses here are his alone and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the National Portrait Gallery or the Sm
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Barkow, Al
Al Barkow, a former editor of Golf magazine , is the author of Golf’s Golden Grind and The Golden Era of Golf .
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Barkun, Michael
Michael Barkun is a professor in the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. His most recent book is A Culture of Conspiracy , published by the University of California Press.
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Barnes, Eric W.
Eric W. Barnes (1907-1962) was a former director of the Institute for American Studies at the Free University of Berlin from 1953 to 1957. Barnes returned to the U.S. to teach at the Loomis School in Windsor, Connecticut. He authored several books in French and English including a series of histories for grade-school students.
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Barnes, Joseph W.
Dr. Joseph W. Barnes is city historian of Rochester, New ‘York.
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Barnett, Lincoln
Lincoln Barnett (1909–1979) was an author and editor, most notably at Life Magazine for many years, and is best known for works explaining the world of science to laymen. Barnett wrote a number of books, including "The Universe and Doctor Einstein", "The World We Live In", and "The Treasure of Our Tongue". The Universe and Doctor Einstein is a l
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Barnum, Phineas T.
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Barol, Bill
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Barra, Allen
Allen Barra is a sports journalist who writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal. He formerly served as an editor for American Heritage, where he wrote about 20th century sports and popular culture. His 2009 book, Yogi Berra: Eternal Yankee, was followed by Rickwood Field: A Century in America's Oldest Ballpark in 2010.
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Barrett, Wayne
Wayne Barrett, who formerly worked at the National Geographic, is now a free-lance writer, based in the Washington area.
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Barsness, Larry
Mr. Barsness, who teaches English at the University of Montana, is a Western-history enthusiast who has written several books on the West. This article is excerpted from a book he is now writing on the buffalo. Mr. Bareness’ research has been supported by the Amon Carter Museum and the University of Montana Foundation.
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Bartlett, Joseph W.
The author, a graduate of Stanford Law School, is a partner in the New York firm of Gaston Snow Beekman & Bogue.
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Barzini, Luigi
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Barzun, Jacques
“fa Jacques Barzun, a scholar, teacher, and author, is past president of the National Institute of Art$ and Letters. This article is adapted from his book A Stroll With William James , to be published in March by Harper & Row.
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Basinger, Jeanine D.
—Jeanine D. Basinger, a professor of film history at Wesleyan, is the author of Silent Stars .
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Basinger, Jeanine
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Bassett, Preston R.
Mr. Bassett is a former president of the Sperry Gyroscope Company and a trustee of the New York Stale Historical Association. He makes his home in Ridgefield, Connecticut.
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Basso, Hamilton
Hamilton Basso, though a steady New Yorker contributor and Connecticut resident, is a native o/ Louisiana. His Sun in Capricorn , about Huey Long, helped establish a reputation which ten other books sustain, the latest being The View from Pompey’s Head
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Bates, Stephen
Stephen Bates is a professor at the Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Bates is the author, coauthor, or editor of four books, as well as academic articles on privacy, obscenity, libel, reporter's privilege, political advertising, and journalism history. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street
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Baum, Dan
Dan Baum, previously a staff writer for The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker, is the author of Nine Lives: Mystery, Magic, Death, and Life in New Orleans and Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure, published by Little, Brown and Company.
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Beach, Edward L.
  Edward Latimer Beach, Jr. (1918 – 2002) was a highly-decorated United States Navy submarine officer and author. Beach's novel, Run Silent, Run Deep, appeared on The New York Times Book Review bestseller list for several months and was made into the 1958 movie by the same name starring Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster.
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Beale, Howard
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Beals, Carleton
Carleton Beals is the author of over 25 books, and is well-known as a lecturer in this country. His latest book, Our Yankee Heritage: New England’s Contribution to American Civilization , was published this year.
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Bean, Susan S.
Susan S. Bean is Chief Curator of the Peabody Museum of Salem, Massachusetts, where the ice-trade cup has found a permanent home.
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Beck, Emily Morison
Emily Morison Beck is the editor of Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations . This article is adapted from the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
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Beebe, Lucius
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Beisner, Robert L.
Robert L. Beisner, associate professor of history at American University, is the author of Twelve Against Empire (McGraw-Hill, 1968), the story of the anti-imperialists of 1898-1900. A portion of it appeared in the August, 1967, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE . When this article was shown to Elbert
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Belden, Thomas Graham
Thomas G. Beiden is an engineer and historian, currently associated with the U.S. Air Force as an operations analyst. He and his wife, a free-lance writer, live in Maryland and wrote this special article based on their book, So Fell The Angels, which will be published this fall by Little, Brown.
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Belding, Patricia W.
Patricia W. Belding, a free-lance writer and librarian, lives in Barre.
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Bell, Bob Boze
Bob Boze Bell is executive editor of True West magazine . His books include Classic Gunfights and The Illustrated Life and Times of Doc Holliday .
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Benchley, Nathaniel
Nathaniel Benchley (1915 – 1981), was an American author and longtime summer resident of Nantucket. Benchley wrote many children's/juvenile books and his 1961 novel The Off-Islanders was made into a motion picture titled The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Adapted Screenplay. He was a
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Benchley, Robert
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Bendiner, Robert
Robert Bendiner, who has interviewed Henry Kissinger and Justice Potter Stewart for this magazine, is a former member of the New York Times editorial board.
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Benjamin, Mary A.
Mary A. Benjamin, a well-known autograph and manuscript dealer, is head of Walter R. Benjamin Autographs, of New York City.
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Bennett, David H.
Mr. Bennett is assistant professor of American Studies at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. For further reading: The Townsend Movement , by Abraham Holtzman (Twayne, 196)); The Politics of Upheaval , by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. (Houghton Mifflin, 196
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Bennett, William
Dr. William Bennett edits The Harvard Medical School Health Letter , and he writes frequently on medical subjects. Part of his training as a medical student took place at the Massachusetts General Hospital.
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Benson, Berry
Berry Benson was a young Confederate sharpshooter who served in General Samuel McGowan’s First South Carolina Brigade. His memoirs were recently published by the University of Georgia Press as Berry Benson’s Civil War Book.
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Beran, Michael Knox
Michael Knox Beran is the author of Jefferson’s Demons: Portrait of a Restless Mind and The Last Patrician: Bobby Kennedy and the End of American Aristocracy .
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Beresford, Maurice
Professor Beresford, the author of a number of books on the history of the English landscape, holds the chair of Economic History at the University of Leeds, England.
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Berger, Phil
Phil Berger, a former boxing writer for The New York Times and the author of a dozen fiction and nonfiction books, has been researching basketball history since the early 1980$.
Phil Berger's picture
Berger, Thomas
—Thomas Berger is the author of Little Big Man, The Return of Little Big Man , and nineteen other novels.
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Berghahn, V. R.
V. R. Berghahn, a professor of European history at Brown University, is the author of several books on modern German history, including The Americanization of West German Industry, 1945-1973 (Cambridge University Press, 1987).
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Berman, Avis
Avis Berman, the author of Rebels on Eighth Street: Juliana Force and the Whitney Museum of American Art , is a Hartford native. Information about the Wadsworth Atheneum can be found on their Web site at .
Avis Berman's picture
Berman, Dennis K.
Dennis K. Berman is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal .
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Berman, Paul
Paul Berman is a contributing editor at The New Republic,  and serves on the faculty of the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at NYU. A noted scholar on political ideologies, American history, and the modern Middle East, Berman has been awarded a MacArthur Fellowship and the Berlin Bosch Prize. Some of his well-known books include A Tale of Two Utopias: The Political Journey of the
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Bernays, Anne
Anne Bernays is a novelist; her latest is Professor Romeo . She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Geoffrey Ward returns to this column in our next issue.
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Bernier, Olivier
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Bernstein, Barton J.
Barton J. Bernstein is a professor of history at Stanford University and directs the university’s international relations program. His article “Why We Didn’t Use Poison Gas in World War II” appeared in the August/September 1985 issue of American Heritage .
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Beschloss, Michael
Michael Beschloss's picture
Biddle, Francis
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Bill, Alfred Hoyt
Alfred Hoyt Bill has lived in Princeton, New Jersey, since 1933 and has concentrated his writing on this area. His books include The Campaign of Princeton, 1776-1777 ; Valley Forge, the Making of an Army ; and A House Called Morven .
Alfred Hoyt Bill's picture
Billias, George A.
George A. Billias is assistant professor of history at the University of Maine. This article is adapted from Professor Billias’ new book, General John Glover and His Marblehead Mariners , to be published next month by Henry Holt and Company, and from articles that have appeared in the New York Historical Society Quarte
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Billington, Ray Allen
Historian Ray Allen Billington (1903–1981)was the recipient of the 1974 Bancroft Prize and President of the Organization of American Historians (OAH) from 1962-1963. He authored numerous books including The Far Western Frontier and Land of Savagery, Land of Promise: The European Image of the American Frontier in the Nineteenth Century
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Billington, Edna
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Bingham, June
Mrs. Bingham herself is no stranger to the political arena. A grand-niece of the late Governor Herbert H. Lehman of New York, she is the wife of U.S. Representative Jonathan B. Bingham (Democrat, New York). Her latest book, U Thant: The Search for Peace , was published in 1966. This article is
June Bingham's picture
Bingham, Alfred M.
Alfred Bingham has been a lawyer, a magazine editor, an author of books on public affairs, a Connecticut state senator, a military government officer in occupied Germany, a workmen’s compensation commissioner, and a probate judge. In recent years he has been working on a biography of his father. This article is adapted from a talk he gave last year at
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Bishop, Morris
The late Morris Bishop was professor emeritus of romance literature at Cornell and a frequent and esteemed contributor to this magazine.
Morris Bishop's picture
Black, Mary
The Editors and the author wish to express their deep appreciation to the museums and private owners without, whose wholehearted co-operation these outdoor photographs could not have been taken. Mary Black is Director of the Museum of American Folk Art in New York and author of numerous articles. Her books include American Folk
Mary Black's picture
Black, David
David Black is an award-winning novelist, Journalist, and television writer and producer. His latest book, A Bobeh Myseh , will be published by Argonaut Press this fall.
David Black's picture
Blake, Nelson Manfred
Nelson M. Blake teaches at Syracuse University and is the author of A Short History of American Life . The foregoing article, in a more extended form, appeared in the September, 1955, issue of The Mississippi Valley Historical Review . Copyright, 1955, by the M
Nelson Manfred Blake's picture
Blakey, Scott
Scott Blakey's picture
Blesh, Rudi
Rudi Blesh, our joremost ragtime scholar, has done much to keep Joplin’s memory alive. He is the co-author, with the late Harriet Jams, of They All Played Ragtime .
Rudi Blesh's picture
Blight, David W.
David W. Blight is the Class of 1954 Professor of American History and Director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance & Abolition at Yale University. Recently, Blight has written A Slave No More: Two Men Who Escaped to Freedom, Including Their Narratives of Emancipation, and Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory, which won the Bancr
David W. Blight's picture
Bliven, Bruce
As an editor of The New Republic in the Twenties, Bruce Bliven covered the workings of the Ohio Gang. He now lives in Stanford, California. His new book, The World Changers , consisting of biographical sketches of the eight most important men of the 1930’s and 40’s, will be publishe
Bruce Bliven's picture
Block, Lawrence
—Keller is the contemplative hired killer who stars in Lawrence Block’s novels Hit Man and Hit List .
Lawrence Block's picture
Bloom, Murray Teigh
Murray Teigh Bloom is the author of the current book The Brotherhood of Money: The Secret World of Our Banknote Printers .
Murray Teigh Bloom's picture
Blount, Roy Jr.
—Roy Blount, Jr., is the author, with the photographer Valerie Shaff, of If Only You Knew How Much I Smell You and I Am Puppy, Hear Me Yap .
Roy Blount Jr.'s picture
Blow, Michael
Formerly a science writer for Newsweek , Michael Blow has written books on satellites and on ships, as well as the AMERICAN HERITAGE Junior Library book, Men of Science and Invention . He is currently with a New York public relations firm.
Michael Blow's picture
Blumberg, Lisa
Lisa Blumberg is an attorney in Hartford, Connecticut.
Lisa Blumberg's picture
Blumenson, Martin
Martin Blumenson, formerly with the Army’s Office of the Chief of Military History, is now a free-lance writer in Washington, D.C. He is the author of The Duel for France; Anzio: The Gamble that Failed ; and Kasserine Pass .
Martin Blumenson's picture
Bobbe, Dorothie
Mrs. Dorothie Bobbe, a British-born resident of New York, is the author of Abigail Adams, De Witt Clinton, Mr. & Mrs. John Quincy Adams , etc. She is working now on a biography of Hamilton. Drawings from The Virgin Islands by Stuart Murray; Duell, Sloan & Pearce.
Dorothie Bobbe's picture
Bobb’, Dorothie
Dorothie Bobbé contributed the article on “The Boyhood of Alexander Hamilton” in the June, 1955, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE . She is the author of a number of biographies, including lives of Fanny Kemble, DeWitt Clinton, and the Adamses.
Dorothie Bobb’'s picture
Bocca, Geoffrey
Geoffrey Bocca, author of many books, including The Life and Death of Harry Oakes , served as a merchant seaman on the Murmansk Run and in other convoys during World War II and since then has logged more than forty voyages on fourteen ocean liners—including the Queen Mary.
Geoffrey Bocca's picture
Boehringer, Carl H.
A veteran of thirty-two years in the Foreign Service, including ten years in Japan, Carl H. Koehringer has recently been appointed executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce there. The prints on these pages all come jrom his outstanding collection of Japanese art.
Carl H. Boehringer's picture
Boiler,, Paul F. Jr.
Dr. Paul F. Boiler, Jr., who is now retired, formerly held the Lyndon Baines Johnson Chair of American History at Texas Christian University.
Paul F. Boiler, Jr.'s picture
Bongartz, Roy
Roy Bongartz in a free-lance writer who, between books, writes about interesting places he has visited for the New York Times Travel and Resorts section.
Roy Bongartz's picture
Boorstin, Daniel J.
Daniel J. Boorstin's picture
Boot, Max
Max Boot is the Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. Before joining the Council on Foreign Relations, Boot worked as a writer and editor for the Christian Science Monitor and The Wall Street Journal. He was awarded the Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Journalism in 2007, and published his third book, War Made New: Technol
Max Boot's picture
Bordewich, Fergus M.
Fergus M. Bordewich’s book Killing the White Man’s Indian was published in February by Doubleday. He is also the author of Cathay: A Journey in Search of Old China .
Fergus M. Bordewich's picture
Borland, Hal
Hal Borland has been outdoor editorial essayist for the New York Times since 1942. He has published more than thirty books, most of which reflect his strong interest in conservation and natural history. Among them is the memoir Country Editor’s Boy .
Hal Borland's picture
Boroff, David
The untimely death of David Boroff in 1965 cut short an active career as a tendier of English at New York University, and as a contributor to many magazines. His study of American colleges, Campus, USA , was published in 1961. For further reading: The Course of Modern
David Boroff's picture
Boswell, Charles
Lewis Thompson and Charles Boswell, the collaborators on this article, are both free-lance writers. In 1954, they won an “Edgar” from the Mystery Writers of America for “general excellence in the field of true crime writing.”
Charles Boswell's picture