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Cable, Mary
“& Mary Cable lives in Santa Fe, among the scenes that Sloan painted. Recently she published a novel, Avery’s Knot, based on a nineteenth-century murder.
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Caidin, Martin
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Caldwell, H. Mitchell
H. Mitchell Caldwell is a professor at the Pepperdine University School of Law. Caldwell primarily teaches criminal procedure, criminal law, and trial advocacy, and has tried cases in the California and United States Supreme Courts. He co-authored The Devil's Advocates with Michael S. Lief in 2007.Professor Caldwell has received several teaching awards, including the Richard Jacobs
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Caldwell, Orester
Orester Caldwell, a publishing executive, was a former member of the first Federal Radio Commission, whose functions were later absorbed by the Federal Communications Commission.
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Callaghan, James
James Callaghan is a Western-history writer for the National Tombstone Epitaph in Arizona.
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Callahan, Tom
Tom Callahan believes he may have stayed at the Home Sweet Home Motel during his first visit to the battlefield as a five-year-old in 1963. The visit, not the motel, spurred his lifelong fascination with the Civil War.
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Callow., Alexander B. Jr.
Mr. Callow is an associate professor of history at Purdue University. He has just completed a book on the Tweed Ring, to be published next spring by Oxford University Press.
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Calloway, Collin G.
Collin G. Calloway is the John Kimball, Jr. Professor of History and Professor of Native American Studies at Dartmouth College. He received his P.h.D. from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, and has written many books on Native American history, including The Indian History of an American Institution: Native Americans and Dartmouth.
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Calvin, Ruth Mehrtens
Ruth Mehrtens Calvin, a Boston-based writer who is a senior correspondent for Time , participated in raising funds for the recent restoration of SaintGaudens’s Shaw Memorial. Jerry L. Thompson’s photographs were taken for the book Augustus Saint-Gaudens: God-like S
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Canby, Courtlandt
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Cantelon, Philip L.
Mr. Cantelon is a young scholar and teacher of history currently working on his doctorate at Indiana University. In addition to many documentary sources at Hyde Park and in Washington, D.C., and contemporary news accounts, the author found particularly interesting John Wheeler-Bennett’s biography, King George VI (St. Martin
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Canton, Donald R.
Donald R. Canton, a teacher and writer, lives in Pembroke, Maine, fifty miles from St. Andrews.
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Card, James
James Card, a film maker, collector, and historian, has taught at the University of Rochester since 1961.
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Cardin, Julianne
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Carle, Glenn L.
Glenn L Carle is a Foreign Service officer whose ancestors fought with the Kansas Cavalry.
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Carlin, Peter Ames
Peter Ames Carlin is a culture reporter for The Oregonian and has authored two books: Paul McCartney: A Life, published in 2009, and Catch a Wave: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, released in 2006. Carlin previously worked as a senior writer for People magazine, and his work can be found in The New York
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Carlisle, Marcia R.
Marcia R. Carlisle is a historian and writer who currently teaches at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire.
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Carlova, John
A sports-car enthusiast, John Carlova has worked all over the world as a newspaperman and magazine writer, and now lives in Laguna Beach, California. He has just published a novel, Adam and Evil .
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Carlson, W. bernard
W. Bernard Carlson is a Professor at the University of Virginia, with appointments in the Department of Science, Technology, and Society (School of Engineering) and the History Department (College of Arts and Sciences). He received his Ph.D in the history and sociology of science from the University of Pennsylvania and did his postdoctoral work in business history at the Harvard Business School. H
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Carmer, Carl
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Carnahan, William E.
William E. Carnahan is retired from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is now a freelance writer and photographer. The U.S. National Arboretum, 3501 New York Ave., N.E., Washington, DC 20002-1958, is open daily (202-544-8733).
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Carnes, Mark C.
Mark C. Carnes is a professor of history at Barnard College, Columbia University. He was Co-General Editor of the 26-volume American National Biography (1999). During the past decade, he has been involved in "Reacting to the Past," a pedagogical initiative in which college students play elaborate games, set in the past, their roles informed by classic texts. His book on Reacting, M
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Carr, Caleb
—Caleb Carr is the author of The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness .
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Carrier, Rebecca
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Carroll, Donald
For years, Donald Carroll, the author of eight books, kept running across the name of Varian Fry in reports about artists who had escaped Nazism and come to America. Finally his curiosity was so aroused that he went to work digging out Fry’s story.
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Carson, Gerald
Gerald Carson, who died in 1989, was a Contributing Editor of American Heritage.
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Carson, Gerald H.
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Carson, Marian S.
Marian S. Carson has written on many aspects of American art history but has a special interest in the beginnings of photography.
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Carson, Clayborne
Stanford University historian Clayborne Carson has devoted most his professional life to the study of Martin Luther King, Jr. Under his direction, the King Papers Project has produced six volumes of a definitive, comprehensive edition of speeches, sermons, correspondence, publications, and unpublished writings. Professor Carson is the d
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Carter, Samuel Iii
Mr. Carter, author of the recently published Cyrus Field: Man of Two Worlds , lives in Wakefield, R. I.
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Carter, Dan T.
The book from which this article is adapted started as a doctoral thesis; it will be published under the title Scottsboro: A Tragedy of the American South by the Louisiana State University Press in January, 1969. The twenty-eightyear-old author, Dan T. Carter, is an assistant professor of history at the University of M
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Carter, William
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Carter, Betty W.
Betty W. Carter is publisher of the Delta Democrat-Times in Greenville, Mississippi, and a free-lance writer on conservation, travel, and agricultural topics. Together with her husband, the late Hodding Carter, she wrote two books, So Great a Good (1955) and
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Carter, Tom
Tom Carter teaches journalism at Georgia Southern University and is a student of battleship history.
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Cartier, J. S.
J. S. Cartier is an artist and photographer whose current subject is the natural and man-made environment of New York City.
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Case, Perry
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Castel, Albert
Mr. Castel, professor of American history at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, is the author of A Frontier State at War: Kansas, 1861–1865 and of William Clarke Quantrill: His Life and Times . For further reading: Sam Houston,
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Cather, Willa
This article is taken from The World and the Parish: Willa Gather’s Articles and Reviews, 1893-1902 , edited by William M. Curtin, to be published by the University of Nebraska Press in November. COPYRIGHT ©1970 BY THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA PRESS
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Catlin, George
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Catton, Bruce
Bruce Catton (1899 – 1978) was the Founding Editor of American Heritage and arguably the most prolific and popular of all Civil War historians. He wrote an astonishing 167 articles for the magazine, and won a Pulitzer Prize for history in 1954 for A Stillness at Appomattox, his study of the final campaign of the war in Virginia. Catton received the Presidential Me
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Catton, William B.
William B. Cation, instructor in history at the University of Maryland, is writing a life of John W. Garrett to complete the requirements for a Ph.D. at Northwestern University.
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Cawthon, Charles R.
A newspaper editor before World War n, Charles R. Cawthon chose to remain on active duty after hostilities were over and later commanded a battalion in the Korean War. Now retired, he operates a tree farm in Virginia.
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Cawthon, Charles
A newspaper editor before World War II, Charles R. Cawthon (1912-1996) was a front-line officer whose 116th Infantry Regiment landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day and fought its way across Europe to the Elbe. He joined the Virginia National Guard in 1940 and when America entered the war, his division was among the first shipped out to England, where they spen
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Cecchini, Toby
Toby Cecchini is the author of Cosmopolitan: A Bartender’s Life .
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Cecil, Robert
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Cenedella, Robert
Mr. Cenedella, a free-lance writer living in New York, has written for television as well as for many national magazines. He was formerly with the Public Affairs Department of the National Broadcasting Company.
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Ceram, C. W.
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Chadwick, Bruce
Bruce Chadwick is a writer and professor who teaches Film, History, and English at Rutgers University and New Jersey City University. He worked at the New York Daily News before completing a P.h.D in American History from Rutgers. He has written over 20 books on history and baseball, most notably The General & Mrs. Washington: The Untold Story of a Marriage and a Revolution, Th
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Chambers ii, John Whiteclay
Professor Chambers, who teaches history at Barnard College, Columbia University, is preparing a book on the subject of the ex-Presidency.
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Chancellor, John
John Chancellor, senior commentator for NBC News, has reported on armed conflict from Cuba, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and Vietnam.
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Chapman, Daniel T.
Daniel T. Chapman, a colonel m the United States Army, became interested in the Carlisle Indian School when he was studying at the Army War College located on the site of the old school.
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Charters, Samuel
Samuel Charters has written about the blues and jazz and made recordings of the blues, jazz, and folk music, many of them award-winning, since the 1950s. This article is adapted from The Blues Makers , published this April by Da Capo Press.
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Cheek, Lawrence W.
Lawrence W. Cheek has written nine books about Arizona and New Mexico. He now lives in Seattle but continues to explore and write about his native Southwest.
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Cheever, Benjamin
Benjamin Cheever has written four novels — The Plagiarist, The Partisan, Famous After Death, and The Good Nanny—and two nonfiction works, Selling Ben Cheever and Strides: Running Through History With an Unlikely Athlete. He is also the editor of The Letters of John Cheever. Cheever has also been a reporter for The New York Times, The Nation, and The
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Cheney, Lynne
A native of Wyoming and holder of a doctorate in literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lynne Cheney is a Social and Cultural Studies senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. Dr. Cheney previously served as Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities after working as an editor and a freelance writer. Married to former Vice President Dic
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Chernow, Ron
Ron Chernow is an award-winning American biographer whose first book, The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance, won the National Book Award for nonfiction in 1990. His more recent works have received similar acclaim, including the 1998 biography Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., and 2
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Chew, Peter
A staff writer for the National Observer and a previous contributor to this magazine, Mr. Chew has been interested in the equine species since he exercised hunters and steeplechasers as a boy in Virginia. He was the recipient of the Magazine Journalism Award of the Thoroughbred Racing Association in ig6g for his article
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Chiaventone, Frederick J.
—Frederick J. Chiaventone, a novelist and screenwriter, is a retired Army officer and professor emeritus of international security affairs at the U.S. Army’s Command and General Staff College. His most recent book, Moon of Bitter Cold , is a novel of Red Cloud’s war.
Frederick J. Chiaventone's picture
Childs, Marquis W.
Marquis W. Childs is Washington correspondent and columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He has covered Washington since 1934 and is the author of a number of books, best known of which is Sweden—The Middle Way .
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Chowder, Ken
Ken Chowder has scripted over 25 documentary films (and one feature film) broadcast on BBC, NBC, TBS, Discovery, A & E, and PBS. His credits include seven films for PBS’ The American Experience, including "John Brown's Holy War", one American Masters,and seven National Geographic films. Mr. Chowder has written three acclaimed novels: Blackbird Days, Delicate Geometry and Jadis. All were publishe
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Chrystal,, Paul H. Jr.
Paul H. Chrystal, Jr., was a member of the FDNY, Engine Company 43, from January 1979 to April 1980, and then of Ladder Company 59, until March 1986. He is currently a fire commissioner in Eastchester, New York.
Paul H. Chrystal, Jr.'s picture
Churchill, Allen
Allen Churchill has written several books on historical subjects. Among the most recent are The Year the World Went Mad , the story of 1927, and The Improper Bohemians , an account of Greenwich Village in its heyday.
Allen Churchill's picture
Cikovsky,, Nicolai Jr.
Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr., is Curator of American Art at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
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Clark, Neil M.
Neil M. Clark is a free-lance writer living in South Strafford, Vermont.
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Clark, William M.
William M. Clark's picture
Clark, Frank
We are sorry to report that Frank Clark died during the preparation of this article. He had wished to thank Kathy A. Johnson for her help in preparing the initial manuscript, which he called Pilot for Peace .
Frank Clark's picture
Admiral Clark, J. J.
Admiral J. J. Clark's picture
Clark, Earl
Earl Clark is a former newspaper editor who now writes free-lance. His article on an 1892 Idaho mine war, “ Shootout in Burke Canyon ,” which appeared in the August, 1971, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE , won the Spur Award of the Western Writers of America for the best western short sub
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Clark, Ronald W.
“Ronald W. Clark is a British historian, novelist, and biographer. The preceding article was adapted by Mr. Clark from his forthcoming book, Freud: The Man and the Cause , which will be published in June by Random House.
Ronald W. Clark's picture
Sir Clarke, Arthur C.
From Voice Across the Sea by Arthur Charles Clarke. Copyright © 1958 by Arthur Charles Clarke. Published by Harper & Brothers. Arthur C. Clarke, an Englishman, has written extensively on science. He is a former chairman of the British Interplanetary Society and a fellow of the Royal Astronom
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Clash, James M.
James M. Clash covers mutual funds and adventure travel at FORBES Magazine in New York City.
James M. Clash's picture
Clay, George R.
George R. Clay, the author of this article on nineteenthcentury children, is a freelance writer who has published short stories in a number of magazines, principally the New Yorker . “I’m currently on the staff of the New York State Historical Association,” he writes, “live in Cooperstown, and have five twentieth
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Clemen, Rudolf A.
Rudolf A. Clemen is executive vice president of the Society of American Historians. This article is an excerpt from an address before the Historical Society of Princeton.
Rudolf A. Clemen's picture
Clemens, Martin
Martin Clemens's picture
Clements,, Robert M. Jr.
Robert M. Clements, Jr., is headmaster of Hillbrook School, a country day school in Los Gatos, California.
Robert M. Clements, Jr.'s picture
Clifford, Clark M.
Clark McAdams Clifford (1906 — 1998) was a highly influential American lawyer who served United States Presidents Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter. He served as White House Counsel from 1946 to 1950 during the Truman Administration. Johnson named him Secretary of Defense in 1968 replacing Robert McNamara during the Vietnam War. After Johnson left office, Clif
Clark M. Clifford's picture
Clift, Eleanor
Eleanor Clift is a regular panelist on PBS’s “The McLaughlin Group” and is the author of Founding Sisters and the Nineteenth Amendment .
Eleanor Clift's picture
Clinton, Catherine
Catherine Clinton is a Professor of History at Queen's University Belfast. She specializes in American History, with an emphasis on the history of the South. She studied sociology and African-American History at Harvard University graduating in 1973.Clinton received her Ph.D from Princeton University, after completing her dissertation on under the direction of James M. McPherson.She has held acade
Catherine Clinton's picture
Coburn, Mark D.
Mark D. Coburn teaches English at Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado, and writes on American topics.
Mark D. Coburn's picture
Coe, Andrew
Andrew Coe's picture
Coffman, Edward M.
Edward M. Cqffman is a professor of history at the University of Wisconsin and author of The War to End All Wars (Oxford University Press, 1968). The Hodgson letters, previously unpublished, are in the Elsenhower Library in Abilene, Kansas.
Edward M. Coffman's picture
Coit, Margaret L.
Miss Coit, the author of six books, won a Pulitzer prize in 1051 for her biography John C. Calhoun: American Portrait . The quotations from the letters of John and Abigail Adams are reprinted by permission of the publishers from Adams Family Correspondence, I and II , L. H. Butterfield,
Margaret L. Coit's picture
Cole, Terrence
A specialist in Alaskan history, Terrence Cole has just published a biography of E. T. Barnette, the founder of Fairbanks.
Terrence Cole's picture
Cole, John N.
After working on country newspapers for twenty-five years, John N. Cole now writes a column for the Maine Times and articles for magazines.
John N. Cole's picture
Colihan, Jane
Jane Colihan served as a Senior Editor at American Heritage.
Jane Colihan's picture
Collins, Ace
Ace Collins is the author of Songs Sung Red, White, and Blue: The Stories Behind America’s Best-Loved Patriotic Songs .
Ace Collins's picture
Colway, Terry
—Terry Golway is the city editor of the New York Observer and the author of The Irish in America (Hyperion) and Irish Rebel (St. Martin’s).
Terry Colway's picture
Colweel, Milton Sweeney
Mr. Colwell, formerly a mechanical engineer, died in 1967. In preparing this narrative about his maternal grandfather he was assisted by his brother, Hubert Emmett Colwell, a retired army officer who lives in Stuyvesant, New York.
Milton Sweeney Colweel's picture
Colwill, Stiles Tuttle
Stiles Tuttle Colwill is curator of paintings at the Maryland Historical Society.
Stiles Tuttle Colwill's picture
Commager, Henry Steele
A longtime member of the editorial advisory board of AMERICAN HERITAGE, Henry Steele Commager (1902-1998) taught at New York University, Columbia, and Amherst College, and authored more than forty books. He first gained attention in 1930 as co-author, with Harvard historian Samuel Eliot Morison, of The Growth of the American Republic, which became a standard textbook for
Henry Steele Commager's picture
Conant, Oliver
Oliver Conant is a New York-based writer and critic.
Oliver Conant's picture
Conley, Manuel A.
Manuel A. Conley, a career Army officer, frequently writes of military history.
Manuel A. Conley's picture
Conlin, Joseph
When Joseph Conlin is not writing labor history or teaching it at California State University, Chico, he is eating all the oyster he can get his hands on.
Joseph Conlin's picture
Connelly, Melissa
Melissa Connelly's picture
Cook, Fred J.
Fred J. Cook was a longtime staff writer for the New York World Telegram and Sun. Called by Studs Terkel "the finest investigative reporter in the land," Cook was the author of 45 books, including The Nightmare Decade (Random House, 1971), abou
Fred J. Cook's picture
Cooke, Jacob E.
Jacob E. Cooke, an instructor of history at Columbia University, is currently serving as assistant editor of The Papers of Alexander Hamilton which will be published in the future by the Columbia University Press.
Jacob E. Cooke's picture
Cooley, James
James Cooler, a retired lawyer, has spent most of his career in government service. This is his first magazine article.
James Cooley's picture
Coons, E. N.
E. N. Coons is the author of 36 Hours of Hell, an autobiographical story about how he survived a blizzard in Colorado as a young boy in 1931.
E. N. Coons's picture
Cooper, Suzanne T.
Suzanne T. Cooper's picture
Cooper, Joseph H.
Joseph H. Cooper is editorial counsel of The New Yorker magazine and teaches law and journalism at Yale University.
Joseph H. Cooper's picture