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Falkner, Leonard
Leonard Falkner is features editor of the New York World-Telegram and Sun . A past contributor to AMERICAN HERITAGE (“A Spy for Washington,” August, 1957), he is the author of Forge of Liberty, published last year by E. P. Button & Co.
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Falkner, Murry
This memoir is reprinted from William Faulkner of Oxford , a book of reminiscences about the novelist, edited by James W. Webb and A. Wigfall Green. It was publish in October by the Louisiana State University Press. The author, Murry Flakner, William’s only surviving brother, has always retained the original spelling o
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Fanselow, Julie
Julie Fanselow, a freelance writer, lives in Idaho. Her books include Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail (Falcon/Globe Pequot, 2003).
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Farb, Peter
COPYRIGHT © 1968 BY PETER FARB Mr. Farb, curator of American Indian cultures at the Riverside Museum in New York City and a consultant to the Smithsonian Institution, is an anthropologist and historian. He is also a prolific writer; the book from which this article is excerpted is his twelfth. Entitled
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Farge, Oliver La
Oliver La Farge was a professional anthropologist before he turned to writing as his career. Since then he has pursued anthropology, especially American Indian ethnology, as an avocation. He is the author of a number of popular books, among them Laughing Boy (Pulitzer Prize novel for 1929), as well as scientific works.
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Farmer, Laurence
Dr. Laurence Farmer has compiled a volume of physicians’ letters covering the last 250 years, entitled Doctors’ Legacy . He discussed the 1793 epidemic of yellow fever in Philadelphia in the April, 1956, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE .
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Farr, Finis
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Farwell, Byron
Byron Farwell, who lives in Virginia, is the author of many books on Englishmen, British history, and Africa, the most recent of which is The Great Anglo-Boer War, published this month by Harper O1 Row. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.
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Fehrenbacher, Don E.
Don. E. Fehrenbacher is a member of the board of advisers of this magazine and the author of The Dred Scot Case , which won the 1979 Pulitzer prize for history. This is his first appearance in our pages. This article originated as the R. Gerald McMurtry Lecture for 1979, under the auspices of the Louis A. Warren Lincoln
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Feist, Joe Michael
Joe Michael Feist is a Texas freelance writer.
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Feldman, Ellen
Ellen Feldman is an author, historian, and 2009 Guggenheim Fellow who has written three books: Scottsboro, The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank, and Lucy. Feldman frequently writes for The Huffington Post and American Heritage, and has lectured across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.
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Fendelman, Earl
Earl Fendelman is Associate Professor of English at Lehman College, the City University of New York.
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Fennell, Philip
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Fenster, J. M.
—J. M. Fenster is the author of the forthcoming Ether Day: A Strange Tale of the Discovery ‘of Anesthesia and the Haunted Men Who Made It .
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Fenster, Julie M.
Julie M. Fenster is a noted American author. Her book Ether Day: The Strange Tale of America's Greatest Medical Discovery and the Haunted Men Who Made It won the Anesthesia Foundation Award for Best Book in 2004, and her 2006 book, Parish Priest, co-authored with Douglas Brinkley, was a New York Times bestseller.
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Fenton, John
Professor Richard Challener, of Princeton University, is a specialist in modern American diplomatic and military history. John Fenton, a former editor with the Gallup Poll, works in Princeton !? Office of Public Information. They are writing a biography of John Foster Duties to be published by Harper & Row.
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Ferrell, Robert H.
Robert H. Ferrell, professor of history at the University of Indiana, in American diplomatic history. Some of his other incisive and independent views appeared in “Conversations with Historians,” AMERICAN HERITAGE , February, 1970.
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Fever, Cabin
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Fiel, Gerard
Gerard Piel, class of 1937 and twice elected to the Harvard Board of Overseers, is chairman of Scientific American .
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Field,, James A. Jr.
James A. Field, Jr., is Isaac H. Clothier Professor of History and International Relations Emeritus at Swarthmore College.
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Fields, Wayne
Wayne Fields teaches American literature at Washington University in St. Louis. He is author of What the River Knows and a forthcoming book on presidential rhetoric, A Union of Words .
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Filler, Martin
— Martin Filler is the architecture critic of The New Republic and writes for The New York Review of Books .
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Filzig, Irving
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Finkel, Kenneth
Kenneth Finkel is the curator of prints at the Library Company of Philadelphia.
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Fischer, David Hackett
David Hackett Fischer is the Earl Warren Professor of History at Brandeis University and is best-known for writing Albion's Seed and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington's Crossing (Pivotal Moments in American History). 
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Fisher, Dorothy Canfield
Dorothy Canfield Fisher was born in Lawrence, Kansas, and now lives in Arlington, Vermont. She is a member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters and has been publishing books regularly since 1904. Her short stories are contained in numerous anthologies.
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Fishwick, Marshall
Marshall Fishwick, professor of American studies at Washington and Lee University, is the author of Virginia, the first volume in Harper’s new “Regions of America” series. He has just returned from a Fulbright lectureship in Denmark.
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Fitch, James Marston
James Marston Fitch, an authority on architectural history, is now director of Historic Preservation for the New York architectural firm ofBeyer, Blinder, and Belle.
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Fitzgerald, Thomas Acton
Born in Boston in 1934, Thomas Acton Fitzgerald now lives in Denver, Colorado, where he is principal of the Lower School at Colorado Academy. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy is his father’s elder sister.
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Fitzgibbon, Constantine
Constantine FitzGibbon is the author of numerous books, including When the Kissing Had to Stop, The Life of Dylan Thomas , and Drink.
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Fitzsimmons, Kathleen
Kathleen Fitzsimmons is a teacher and historian living in Leadville, where she enjoys the mountains, myths, and people of Colorado.
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Flam, Jack
Jack Flam is a professor of art history at Brooklyn College and at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and art critic for The Wall Street Journal . He wrote about the society painter Guy Pène du Bois in our February 1989 issue.
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Fleming, Thomas
Thomas Fleming is a longtime contributor to American Heritage and former president of the Society of American Historians. He is the author of dozens of respected books on American history, including Franklin, George Washington: Spymaster Extraordinaire, My Days with Harry Truman, Intimate Lives of the Founding Fa
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Fleming, E. Mcclung
E. McClung Fleming is a noted researcher and author who has written such books as R.R. Bowker: Militant Liberal, and A tribute to Charles F. Montgomery, 1910-1978.
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Flexner, Beatrice Hudson
Beatrice Hudson Flexner is a professional singer and instrumentalist who has made a specialty of performing early American music, and has also lectured on the subject. She is the wife of the American historian James Thomas Flexner.
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Flexner, James Thomas
James Thomas Flexner (1908-2003) was most famous for his extensive writings on American art history and a four-volume biography of George Washington, for which he won a special Pulitzer citation. Flexner's other historical biographies include the one-volume Washington: The Indispensable Man, The Young Hamilton, Mohawk Baronet (Sir William J
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Flowden, David
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Flshwick, Marshall
Marshall Fishwick ii associate professor of American studies at Washington and Lee University. Among his recent books are The Virginia Tradition. General Lee’s Photographer , and American Heroes: Myth and Reality .
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Foe, Edgar A.
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Follette jensen, Amy La
Mrs. Jensen is the author of The White House and Its Thirty-Three Families . She and her husband, Howard, are preparing a TV film on the mansion’s paintings.
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Foner, Eric
Eric Foner, the DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University, has served as president of the Organization of American Historians, the American Historical Association, and the Society of American Historians. One of the foremost experts on the Civil War, Slavery, Reconstruction, and Abraham Lincoln, Foner's most recent book, The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery
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Foote, Morris C.
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Foote, Shelby
Shelby Foote (1916 – 2005) was an American historian and novelist who wrote The Civil War: A Narrative, a massive, three-volume history of the war. Foote became well-known to the public after his appearance in Ken Burns's PBS documentary The Civil War in 1990. In 2003, Foote received the Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author Award presented by the Tulsa Library Trust. Pho
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Forbes, Timothy C.
Timothy Forbes is President and Chief Operating Officer of Forbes. Mr. Forbes joined the company in 1986 after negotiating the acquisition of the American Heritage division. He is involved in the strategic planning and business development of the company, and he serves as Chairman of Prior to joining Forbes, Tim Forbes was an independent producer and screenwriter; his documentaries on
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Forbes-robertson, Diana
Diana Forbes-Robertson is a free-lance writer who makes her home in Europe.
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Ford, Corey
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Forester, C. S.
C. S. Forester (1899-1966) wrote several novels with military and naval themes, including The African Queen, The Barbary Pirates, The General, The Good Shepherd, The Gun, The Last Nine Days of the "Bismarck", and Rifleman Dodd. But Forester is best known as the creator of Horatio Hornblower, a British naval genius of the Napoleonic era
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Forrest, James Taylor
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Fortran, Janet
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Fox, Frederic
Formerly a member of President Elsenhower’s White House staff, Mr. Fox has been a Congregational minister in various parts of the country, and is the author of books on church music and missionary activities.
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Fox, William Price
William Price Fox is a novelist, journalist, and short-story writer. The final passage of his article comes from his most recent novel, Ruby Red , © 1971 by William Price Fox, and is reprinted here by permission of J. B. Lippincott Company.
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Fox, Joseph
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Frank, Reuven
Reuven Frank (1920-2006), who later served two stints as president of NBC News, was on hand for the turmoil at Logan Airport as a young newswriter. “I was one of the few, ” he says, “who doubted it was a clogged fuel line. Throughout, I felt like a kid with an all-points pass to the circus. ”
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Franklin, Benjamin
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Franz, William C.
“U William C. Franz is a free-lance writer, specializing in the history of New York City and environs, and a co-founder of the Fort Wadsworth Museum on Staten Island.
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Fraser, James Earle
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Fraser, m.d., Richard A. r.
Richard A. R. Fraser, M.D., is a professor of surgery (neurosurgery) at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. He wishes to thank his three fellow researchers on the article: Aaron Zelman, Dirke Brunner, and James Dana.
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Fredman, Irwin F.
Irwin F. Fredman was an instructor in the humanities at Hobart College in upstate New York as well as an advertising man on Madison Avenue.It was while he was studying the machinations of Harry Sinclair of Teapot Dome fame that Fredman first came upon the parallels that he explores in this essay.
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Freidel, Frank
Frank Freidel is professor of history at Stanford University, and is working on an extensive biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt, of which two volumes have been published. The above article is a paper, slightly abridged, which he delivered at the meeting of the American Historical Association.
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Fretts, Bruce
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Friedman, Robert
Robert Friedman’s article on historical archaeology appeared in our August/September 1983 issue.
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Friedrich, Otto
Otto Friedrich’s most recent article for American Heritage was “ Traveling with a Sense of History ,” April 1987. He is a senior writer at Time magazine.
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Friedwald, Will
Will Friedwald is the jazz reviewer for the New York Sun and the author of seven books on music and popular culture.
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Froman, Robert
Robert Froman is the author of The Nerve of Some Animals and One Million Islands for Sale . He contributed “The Red Ghost” to the April, 1961, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE . For further reading: Pla
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Froncek, Thomas
Thomas Froncek, a frequent contributor to AMERICAN HERITAGE , has traveled the route of the Donners. A free-lance writer and editor, he is the author of many magazine articles and Voices from the Wilderness: The Frontiersman’s Own Story (1974).
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Fry, Annette Riley
In 1950, Annette Riley Fry married Varian Fry, an American journalist who ran a rescue network in Vichy France that helped approximately 2,000 to 4,000 anti-Nazi and Jewish refugees to escape Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Fry's grandfather had spent many years as the western agent of the Society, shepherding abandoned and orphaned New York children to
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Fuchs, Lawrence H.
Lawrence H. Fuchs is Jaffee Professor of American Civilization and Politics and chairman of the department of American studies at Branden University. Among the many books he has written is John F. Kennedy and American Catholicism (Meredith Press, 1967). He wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Dan Fenn and Sylvie Turn
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Fuess, Claude M.
Dr. Claude Moore Fuess, headmaster emeritus of Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, is a schoolmaster by profession to whom biography is a hobby. He is the author of distinguished lives of Caleb Gushing, Daniel Webster, Rufus Choate, Calvin Coolidge, and other American political figures. He lives in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. This article was o
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Fuller, Ben
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Fulton, Bob
Bob Fulton is the author of The Summer Olympics: A Treasury of Legends and Lore , recently published by Diamond Communications, South Bend, Indiana.
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Furst, Alan
—Alan Furst’s most recent novel is The World at Night .
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Furxas, J. C.
J. C. Fumas, who lives in Lebanon, New Jersey, is the author of Goodbye to Uncle Tom , a study of the impact of Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the United States. This article is based on Mr. Furnas’ research for a forthcoming book entitled The Road to Harpers Ferry .
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