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Packer, James S.
Mr. Packer is a western history buff who is studying for a doctor’s degree in entomology at Utah State University.
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Padfield, Peter
—Peter Padfield’s latest book about naval warfare is Maritime Supremacy and the Opening of the Western Mind .
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Paglia, Camille
—Camille Paglia is a professor of humanities at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her fourth book, a study of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds , was recently published.
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Painter, George D.
A MERICAN H ERITAGE is privileged not only to take part in announcing the news of the Vinland Map discovery but to publish the first extended magazine treatment of the studies that have been made of it. The Yale University Press is publishing the entire work this month as a book under t
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Parini, Jay
Jay Parini’s books include Robert Frost: A Life and the novel The Apprentice Lover .
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Parker, Joan
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Parkman, Francis
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Patten, Irene M.
Irene M. Patten is a New Englander who has taught English in secondary schools in Maine and Massachusetts.
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Patton, Phil
Phil Patton is a writer and a journalist who primarily writes about automobiles. He is a contributing editor at Departures and Esquire magazines, and writes on automobile design for The New York Times, serves as a consulting curator, and published Bug: The Strange Mutations Of The World's Most Famous Auto
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Paul, Rodman W.
Rodman W. Paul, who is prof essor of history at the California Institute of Technology, is the author of several books, including Mining Frontiers of the Far West: 1848-1880 and A Victorian Gentlewoman in the Far West: The Reminiscences of Mary Hallock Foote .
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Pearson, Michael
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Peattie, Donald Culross
Author-botanist Donald Culross Peattie, born in Chicago, now lives in California. His books include A Natural History of Trees , American Heartwood and Immortal Village .
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Peckham, Howard H.
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Penick, James
Mr. Penick, who teaches history at Loyola University in Chicago, based this article on research made possible by a grant-in-aid from the American Council of Learned Societies.
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Penick,, James Jr.
James Penick.Jr., a professor of American history at Loyola University in Chicago, has recently completed a book entitled The New Madrid Earthquakes .
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Penik,, James Jr.
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Penland, Dane A.
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Penzler, Otto
Otto Penzler owns the Mysterious Bookshop in New York City and founded the Mysterious Press.
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Perret, Geoffrey
Geoffrey Perret is an American historian and author who has written numerous presidential biographies and books about the American military. Perret served in the United States Army before turning to writing, and has recently written Commander in Chief: How Truman, Johnson, and Bush Turned a Presidential Power into a Threat to America's Future,
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Perry, Darby
COPYRIGHT © 1941 BY ROBBINS MUSIC CORPORATION, EDGAR LESLIE, AND FRED FISHER MUSIC CO., INC. FULL COPYRIGHT INFORMATION AT END OF ARTICLE. Darby Perry has recently been appointed publisher of AMERICAN HERITAGE . For this article he interviewed or corresponded with several Panay survivors and w
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Perry, George
George Perry is a British critic, author, and broadcaster, and former film editor of the London Sunday Times. He has produced more than 30 books, many on the movies, including two on Alfred Hitchcock, and his latest is James Dean, the first authorized biography of the American actor.
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Perry, Clay
Clay Perry is the author of Underground Empire , the last in a series on American caves. He is now writing an historical novel on Knox’s feat, in collaboration with John L. E. Pell.
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Persico, Joseph E.
Joseph E. Persico, a historian and biographer, served in the U.S. Navy and worked as a speechwriter for Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. His latest work, Roosevelt's Centurions: FDR and the Commanders He Led to Victory in World War II, was published in May 2012
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Peters, Ralph
—Ralph Peters is a former military officer whose novels include The War in 2020 .
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Peterson, Harold L.
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Petro, Pamela
Pamela Petro, a free-lance writer, once spent a summer working as a chambermaid on Block Island.
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Pew,, Thomas W. Jr.
Thomas W. Pew, Jr., a free-lance writer living in Tucson, Arizona, has contributed regularly to such publications as Smithsonian Magazine, The Nation, The Progressive , and Defenders of Wildlife .
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Phifer, James Cameron
Mr. Phifer’s interest in Sam Davis began in grade school, when he read a poem about the Confederacy’s boy hero. “In 1947 it all came alive again,” he writes, “when I joined the staff of the Nashville Tennesseean as copy editor and book reviewer and found myself in Sam Davis territory.” He helped institute the pageant which now takes place an
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Philbrick, Nathaniel
Nathaniel Philbrick is a National Book Award winner and author most recently of The Last State: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn (Viking 2010) and Mayflower: A Story of Carnage, Community, and War
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Philip, Cynthia Owen
—Among Cynthia Owen Philip’s books are Wilderstein and the Suckleys: A Hudson River Legacy and Imprisoned in America: 1776 Through Attica.
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Phillips, Cabell
Cabell Phillips, the son-in-law of union leader Frank Keeney, retired in 1972 after twenty-seven years on the Washington staff of the New York Times . His most recent book, tentatively titled The Forties: Decade of Triumph and Trouble , is scheduled to be published this fall by Macmilla
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Phillips, John L.
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Phillips, David R.
Mr. Auchincloss is both a novelist and a practicing lawyer as well as president of the Museum of the City of New Tork. His newest book, called Second Chance, Tales of Two Generations , will be issued in the autumn by the Houghton Mifflin Company of Boston.
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Phillips, John A.
John A. Phillips, who is with the History of Consciousness program at the University of California in Santa Cruz, teaches in the field of religious studies.
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Pierce, Robert
Maj. Robert Pierce, USAF (ret.), flew 160 combat missions in New Guinea. He has written and illustrated more than twenty children’s books and an as yet unpublished novel about World War II in Australia and New Guinea.
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Pigafetta, Antonio
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Pike, Robert E.
Robert E. Pike is now a writer and professor, but his respect for rivermen comes from first-hand knowledge. As a young man, he worked in various New England lumber camps. This article is based on a chapter of his Tall Trees, Tough Men , to be published this month by W. W. Norton.
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Pitcairn, O. Fisk
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Pitz, Henry C.
Mr. Pitz is the author of nine books on the subject of illustration, and his own art appears in over 160 additional volumes. A resident of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, near Chadds Ford, he is, in his own words, “an old friend of the Wyeths, father, children, and grandchildren.”
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Plantenga, Bart
Nina Ascoly is an American writer and researcher. Bart Plantenga, half-Dutch, half-Frisian, is a novelist and radio disk jockey. Both live in Amsterdam.
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Plowden, David
Mr. Plowden is a New York free-lance photographer with a fine eye for vanishing Americana. This article is adapted from his new book, Farewell to Steam, just published by the Stephen Greene Press. The farewell is to locomotives as well as steamboats.
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Plumb, J. H.
Sir John Harold Plumb (1911–2001) was a preeminent historian who wrote primarily on the 18th century and authored 35 books. At the start of World War II, he left Cambridge University to work at the top secret Bletchley Park facility, where he headed a section working on a German Naval hand cipher, Reservehandverfahren. After the War he became a Fellow of Christ's College at Cambridge, and was
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Pochin mould, Daphne D. c.
The author is a professional writer and photographer living in Ireland.
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Poe, Edgar A.
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Pohl, Frederik
Frederik Pohl’s science fiction has won virtually all the awards in the field, among them the prestigious Nebula (twice) and the Hugo (six times). He made two trips to the Soviet Union for his recently published novel, Chernobyl , which is not, alas, science fiction.
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Ponicsan, Darryl
A screenwriter and novelist, Darryl Pumcsan is the author of Cinderella Liberty, The Last Detail , and Tom Mix Died for Your Sins .
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Pope, Victoria
Victoria Pope is the deputy editor of National Geographic magazine and its chief editor for text. Before joining National Geographic in November 2005, she was the executive editor for U.S. News and World Report. Her positions in editing and magazine management followed more than a decade as a foreign correspondent in Germany, Austria, Poland, and Russia. Victoria is the author of a forthcom
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Porter, Bruce D.
Bruce D. Porter teaches political science at Brigham Young University. The themes in this article are expanded on in his book War and the Rise of the State: The Military Foundations of Modern Politics , published this year by the Free Press.
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Posner, Gerald
—Gerald Posner is the author of Case Closed: Lee Harvey and the Assassination of JFK and Killing the Dream: James Earl Ray and the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Post, Robert C.
Robert C. Post is president of the Society for the History of Technology and the author of Street Railways and the Growth of Los Angeles (Golden West Books, 1989).
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Powell, William S.
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Powell, E. Alexander
E. Alexander Powell has been a foreign service officer and long-time writer for such magazines as Harper’s, the Atlantic, and the old Scribner’s; he has written 33 books. In preparing this article he was aided by Brooke Hindle, associate professor of history at New York University,who has just published The Pursuit of Scien
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Powell, Peter J.
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Prager, Arthur
Arthur Prager was the planning and operations officer of the Mayor’s Emergency Control Board in New York City during the 1980s. He authored three book: The Mahogany Tree: A History of Punch (1978), Underhanded Backgammon(1977) and World War II Resistance Stories (1984).
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Prager, Annabelle
Mary Cable, formerly an editor of AMERICAN HERITAGE , is a free-lance writer and author of many books; Annabelle Prager, whoKe aunt was related to Jefferson Monroe Levy, is a writer and illustrator of children’s books.
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Prall, Ivan E.
Ivan E. Prall, who managed an engineering laboratory for General Electric in his hometown, is now writing in his retirement.
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Pray, Roger T.
Roger T. Pray has worked as a prison psychologist, a director of a halfway house for prisoners, and a probation agent. He is currently a researcher with the Utah Department of Corrections.
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Preddy, Jane
Jane Freddy is an architectural writer and historian in New York City. She is working on a book on Eberson.
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Pretzer, William S.
William S. Pretzer is the Senior Curator for History at the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of African American History and Culture. He previously taught history at Central Michigan University and served as the curator for the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Michigan, where the Rosa Parks bus is displayed in the "With Liberty a
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Pringle, Henry F.
Henry F. Pringle, formerly a distinguished New York newspaperman and professor of journalism at Columbia University, is now a contributor to several national magazines. This article, adapted from his Pulitzer Prize-winning Theodore Roosevelt: A Biography , is used by permission of the author and Harcourt, Brace and Compa
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Prioli, Carmine A.
Carmine A. Prioli is in the Department of English at North Carolina State University. His article “The Ursuline Outrage” appeared in our February/March 1982 issue.
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Prioli, Carmine
Carmine Prioli’s article on the World War II Japanese balloon-bomb campaign appeared in the April/May 1982 issue.
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Pryor, Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown Pryor is a State Department diplomat and noted Civil War era author. In 2008, Pryor was awarded the Lincoln Prize for Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee through his Private Letters.
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Pullen, John J.
John J. Pullen (1914-2003) was a noted military history author and journalist. Best known for his 1957 book, The Twentieth Maine: A Volunteer Regiment in the Civil War, his writing helped renew popular interest in the Civil War. A veteran himself, Pullen served as a field artilley captain during World War II. John J. Pullen passed away at his
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Purdy, Virginia Cardwell
In her job as a member of the staff of the National Archives, Dr. Purdy arranged an exhibit on the “art” of diplomacy in 1971, and this article grew out of that exhibit. She was assisted in her research by her colleagues Dr. Edith James Blendon and the late Thomas M. Power.
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Pusey, Merlo J.
Merlo John Pusey (1902 – 1985) wrote the 1951 Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Supreme Court Justice, Charles Evans Hughes. He also authored The Supreme Court Crisis and Eisenhower, the President. From 1928 to 1971, Pusey worked for the Washington Post as an associate editor.
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Pyle, Ernie
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