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Smith, Bradley
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Smith, Helena Huntington
Helena Huntington Smith, of Alexandria, Virginia, has written several books and articles about the West. Her previous articles for AMERICAN HERITAGE have included “ Pioneers in Petticoats ” (February, 1959) and “ A Few Men in Soldier Suits ” (August, 1957). Books include: The War on Powder Riv
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Smith, Elbert B.
Elbert B. Smith is a member of the faculty of Iowa State College. He gathered material for this article while doing research for Magnificent Missourian , a biography of Thomas Hart Benton just published by J. B. Lippincott.
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Smith, Bradford
Bradford Smith is the author of Yankees in Paradise , published by Lippincott in 1956, in which the full story of the Yankee influence on early Hawaii is told.
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Smith, Henry Nash
Henry Nash Smith, the author of Virgin Land and several books on Mark Twain, is professor of English at the University of California and literary editor of the Twain estate. For further reading: Mark Twain’s America , by Bernard De Voto (Houghton Mifflin, 19
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Colonel Smith, Josiah
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Smith, Gene
Gene Smith was a notable popular historian and long-time contributor to American Heritage who passed away in 2012 at the age of 83. Smith wrote many biographies of American political and military leaders, including the 1964 New York Times bestseller When the Cheering Stopped: The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson. Of Mr. Smith’s 19 books, perhaps the next best-known
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Smith, Suzanne
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Smith, Gaddis
Gaddis Smith teaches diplomatic and maritime history at Yale University. His article “The U.S. vs. International Terrorist*” appeared in our August, 1977, issue.
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Smith, Red
Red Smith, the distinguished sports columnist for the New York Times , says that he has much too much respect for the game of golf to play it himself.
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Smith, Adam
“Adam Smith” is a pseudo-name that author George J. W. Goodman adopted while writing his 1976 book, The Money Game. It remained a number one bestseller for over a year and was called "a modern classic” by Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson. Goodman pioneered a style of financial writing that made Wall Street more understandable and accessible to the typical investor. Of his many b
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Smith, Carol A.
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Smith, Gene X
Gene Smith is currently working on a biography of Gen. John J. Pershing.
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Smith, Liz
—Liz Smith has been a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist since the 1970s.
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Smith iii, Roy C.
Roy C. Smith III grew up on his father’s destroyer. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1934 and served in the Navy for thirty-four years. After retiring from the Navy, he served as director of publications of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association.
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Smith, m.d., T. Burton
Dr. T. Burton Smith served as Ronald Reagan’s personal physician in 1985 and 1986. His memoir, White House Doctor , written with Carter Henderson, will be published this month by Madison Books.
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Smoler, Fredric
Frederic Smoler has been teaching literature and history at Sarah Lawrence College since 1987; focusing on intellectual and literary history in Europe. He is the Adda Bozeman Chair in International Relations. In addition to his contributions to American Heritage, Smoler also writes for First of the Month, The Nation, and The Observer.
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Snow, Richard F.
Richard F. Snow worked 37 years at American Heritage Magazine, serving as Editor-in-Chief for seventeen of them. Born in New York City, he got a summer job as a mail boy at American Heritage during high school, and after studying English and history at Columbia College, returned to work at the magazine full-time. Snow is the author of several books, most recently A Measur
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Snow, Dean R.
Dean R. Snow is professor of anthropology at the State University of New York at Albany.
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Snow, Ricard F.
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Snyder, Rachel Louise
Rachel Louise Snyder is a writer, professor and public radio commentator. She is the author of the nonfiction book Fugitive Denim: A Moving Story of People and Pants in the Borderless World of Global Trade and a novel entitled What We’ve Lost is Nothing. Her writing has appeared in the the New Yorker, The New York Time
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Sobel, Robert
—Robert Sobel is the Laurence Stessin Professor of Business History at Hofstra University.
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Solberg, Carl
Carl Solberg, formerly an editor with Time Inc., is the author of Riding High: America in the Cold War and Oil Power both published by Mason/Charter.
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Somerlott, Robert
The intriguing history of Mrs. Piper is an excerpt from Robert Somerlolt’sforthcoming book on modern occultism. The book, entitled “ Here, Mr. Splitfoot ,” will be published by The Viking Press later this month.
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Sorel, Edward
Ed Sorel’s update of Christian Schussele’s painting Men of Progress ran in the November 1999 issue.
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Sorel, Nancy Caldwell
—Nancy Caldwell Sorel is the author of a forthcoming history of women correspondents in World War II.
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Sorensen, James
James Sorensen is a freelance writer from Martinsville, New Jersey. He is currently working on his first novel. Since the author’s visit, the National Park Service has opened the Lacy Plantation to visitors on weekends throughout the summer. At all other times, a pass and directions are available at the Chancellorsville Visitor Center.
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Souter, Janet
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Speare, Elizabeth G.
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Speare is a native New Englander who lives in Wethersfield, Connecticut. She has written a novel for young people, based on an episode in the French and Indian War, to be published this year by Houghton Mifflin.
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Speck, Robert M.
Robert Speck attended the Coast Guard Academy and saw sea duty as a deck officer in the Maritime Service.
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Spector, Ronald H.
Ronald H. Spector, a professor of history at the University of Alabama, is currently on leave to serve as director of Naval History for the Department of the Navy. His book Eagle against the Sun (1984) won the Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt Prize in naval history.
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Spence, Clark C.
Clark C. Spence, whose “Knights of the Fast Freight” appeared in our August, 1976, issue, is the author of many books on Western history. He teaches at the University of Illinois.
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Spiegelman, Art
—Art Spiegelman is the author most recently of Open Me . . . I’m a Dog!
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Spiller, Roger J.
Roger J. Spiller retired as the George C. Marshall Distinguished Professor of Military History at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He is the first George C. Marshall Distinguished Professor of History at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Spiller is a noted author and editor who recently wrote
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Spiller, Roger
Roger Spiller’s essay on the World War II generation appeared in the December 1991 issue.
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Spitz, Ellen Handler
—Ellen Handler Spitz teaches in the Department of Art and Art History at Stanford University and is the author of Inside Picture Books .
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Sprague, Marshall
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Sprigg, June
June Sprigg is curator of collections at Hancock Shaker Village, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Indispensable to her research on this article, Ms. Sprigg reports, was Mary Richmond’s excellent Shaker bibliography.
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Springer, John
John Springer has written several books about the history of the movies. He is the president of his own public relations company in New York City.
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Squires, Vernon C.
Vernon C. Squires was thirty-five when he wrote these letters. He had a master of science degree from Cornell University in architectural engineering and was working as a senior research engineer at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. in Akron, Ohio, when he retired in 1975. He died shortly before this issue went to press.
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St. hill, Thomas Nast
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Stacey, Michelle
Michelle Stacey is the author of The Fasting Girl: A True Victorian Medical Mystery , about a woman who displayed mysterious symptoms after being thrown from a streetcar in 1865.
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Stallings, Laurence
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Stands-in-timber, John
Margot Liberty has lived with the Northern Cheyennes and. spent a year as a historian, interpreter, and guide for the National Park Service at the Custer Battlefield Monument. She now teaches anthropology at the University of Minnesota. She and Mr. Stands in Timber have worked together on a history of the Northern Cheyennes soon to be published by the Y
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Stange, Eric
Eric Stange is the founder and executive producer of Spy Pond Productions, which specializes in producing documentaries on historical and scientific topics. In addition, Strange is an award-winning director and writer whose work can be seen on PBS, The Discovery Channel, and the BBC. He has been awarded the Harvard University Charles Warren Fellowship in American History for his achievements, and
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Stanley-brown, Joseph
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Stannard, David E.
An associate professor of history and American studies at Yale, David E. Stannard recently has published The Puritan Way of Death (Oxford University Press, 1977).
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Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
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Stark, Steven D.
Steven D. Stark is a commentator on popular culture for National Public Radio and the Voice of America. This article is adapted from his new book, Glued to the Set: The 60 Television Shows and Events That Made Us Who We Are Today , being published in May by the Free Press.
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Starr, Louis M.
A member of the Staff of the Columbia University Oral History project, Mr. Starr has worked on newspapers in Tennessee and Chicago and is author of Bohemian Brigade , a study of Civil War newspapers, published last fall.
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Starr, Roger
Roger Starr, a housing and urban affairs specialist, wrote “This Is The Way the World Ends” in AMERICAN HERITAGE , October, 1970.
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Steele, Ben
— Michael Norman , a professor at New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, and his wife, Elizabeth M. Norman , a professor at New York University Steinhardt School of Education, co-authored Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and Its
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Steer, Margery W.
Margery Wells Steer, who lives near Sherrodsville, Ohio, writes on American rural life. She has published numerous articles and a book, New Frontiers of Rural America .
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Stegner, Wallace
Wallace Stegner (1909-1993) was director of the creative writing program at Stanford University. He is the author of the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction winner, Angle of Repose, The Spectacular Bird, a National Book Award winner, and Beyond the Hundreth Meridian: John Wesley Powell and the Second Opening of the West. Stegner passed away at age 84 in 1993, and Stanford h
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Stegner, Page
Page Stegner wrote Winning the West: The Epic Saga of the American Frontier, 1800-1899 .
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Stein, Harry
Harry Stein, who graduated last year from the Columbia School of Journalism, is now a free-lance writer living in Pans.
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Stein, Robert
Robert Stein is an editor, author, and film critic who formerly served as Chairman of the American Society of Magazine Editors. In 2005 he released Media Power: Who is Shaping Your Picture of the World?, which details his prediction of the 24/7 media cycle in the United States. 
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Stein, Charles S.
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Steinberg, Alfred
Alfred Steinberg is a free-lance writer of history and reporter of the Washington scene. He collaborated with Senator Tom Connally on his autobiography and is currently writing a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.
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Stella, Frank
Frank Stella is himself a renowned American artist; his most recent show opens this month at Manhattan’s Sperone Westwater Gallery.
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Stephenson, Albert B.
Albert B. Stephenson, a retired mechanical engineer, drives a 1922 Model T around Whittier, California.
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Stern, Philip Van doren
Philip Van Doren Stern, a student of Lincoln and the Civil War, has contributed several articles to AMERICAN HERITAGE . This article is adapted from An End to Valor, soon to be published by Houghton Mifflin Co.
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Stern, Rudi
Rudi Stern is a kinetic artist who is “concerned with neon’s potential as a medium of artistic expression.” This article was adapted from his book Let There Be Neon , which will be published soon by Harry N. Abrams.
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Stern, Sheldon M.
Sheldon M. Stern served as the historian at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston from 1977 to 1999. Stern has taught American and African-American history, developed the American History Project for High School Students in 1992, and written several books on the Cuban Missile Crisis, including Averting the Final Failure: John F. Kennedy and the Sec
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Stevens, Frank J.
Frank J. Stevens North Hollywood, Calif.
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Stevens,, Francis R. Jr.
Col. Francis R. Stevens, Jr., is a retired Army officer currently under contract with the Appropriations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.
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Stevenson, Janet
Janet Stevenson (1913-2009) was a novelist, a journalist, and a social activist throughout her life. Stevenson wrote primarily on civil rights, the women's and the peace movements, and the environment. In 1986, she was elected mayor of Hammond, Oregon. Stevenson was writing and still politically active well into her 90s.
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Stevenson, Edward
The author, now enjoying the mixed blessings of social security, is a long-time movie addict who has had to resort to free-lance writing to support his habit. He is a contributing editor of The New Englander .
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Stevenson, Nikolai
Nikolai Stevenson, a retired New York sugar broker, is president of the Association for Macular Diseases.
Nikolai Stevenson's picture
Stewart, George R.
A professor of English at the University of California, George R. Stewart is author of such best-selling novels as Storm and Fire and of the recent nonfiction success, U.S. 40 .
George R. Stewart's picture
Stewart, Linda Mck.
Linda McK. Stewart is a freelance writer.
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Stewart, Doug
Doug Stewart, a writer living in Ipswich, Massachusetts, most recently published The Boy Who Would Be Shakespeare: A Tale of Forgery and Folly (Da Capo Press 2010).
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Stewart, David O.
After practicing law for many years, David O. Stewart began to write history, too. His first book, The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution, was a Washington Post bestseller and won the Washington Writing Award as Best Book of 2007. Two years later, Impeached: The Trial of President Andrew Johnson and the Fight for Lincoln’s Legacy, was a Davis-Kidd Bestseller
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Stilgoe, John R.
John R. Stilgoe, a recent winner of the Parkman Prize, is an associate professor at Harvard University and the author of Metropolitan Corridor .
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Stone, Edward T.
Mr. Stone works largely from sources in Spanish archives, and the story of La Navidad has never before been comprehensively told in English. He is the author of two earlier AMERICAN HERITAGE articles: “ Columbus and Genocide ” (October, 1975) and “ The Ma
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Stone,, Alfred E. Jr.
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Stone,, Albert E. Jr.
Mr. Stone, our guest columnist in Bruce Cation’s space, is an assistant professor of English and American Studies at Yale. He will become chairman of the Department of English at Emory University in Atlanta this autumn. He is the author of The Innocent Eye: Childhood in Mark Twain’s Imagination , and is at work on a
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Stout, Neil R.
Neil R. Stout is associate professor of history at the University of Vermont. He recently completed a book, The Royal Navy in America 1760-1775 , for the U.S. Naval Institute and is currently working on another thatfocusses on the year before the Revolution broke out—1774.
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Strand johnson, Rebecca
Rebecca Strand Johnson is an Ohio-based freelance writer, the author of Wyoming, Ohio (Arcadia Publishing, 2006).
Rebecca Strand Johnson's picture
Stratton, T. K.
Ernest C. Miller has been an oil man for thirty years, as well as an author of books on petroleum. He has written Tintypes in Oil , and North America’s First Oil Well . T. K. Stratton is an industrialist who has made the collection of historical photographs his avocation.
T. K. Stratton's picture
Strausbaugh, John
John Strausbaugh is a contributing editor at New York Press. The Drug-User , which he co-edited, is due from Blast Books in October.
John Strausbaugh's picture
Strauss, William A.
William A. Strauss's picture
Strebeigh, Fred
Fred Strebeigh teaches writing at Yale.
Fred Strebeigh's picture
Street, Richard Steven
Richard Steven Street is a California historian, winner of the Phelan Award for Literature, who is currently completing a definitive history of California farm workers.
Richard Steven Street's picture
Streshinsky, Shirley
Shirley Streshinsky’s article on Midway Island appeared in the April 2001 issue.
Shirley Streshinsky's picture
Strozier, Charles B.
“Charles B. Strozier is a professor of history at Sangamon State University in Springfield, Illinois. This article has been excerpted from his forthcoming book, Lincoln’s Quest for Union: Public and Private Meanings , which will be published soon by Basic Books.
Charles B. Strozier's picture
Stump, Al J.
Al J. Stump lives in California, where it all happened. He has written five books on sports in America.
Al J. Stump's picture
Sturgis, Henry
Mr. Sturgis is a free-lance writer and railroad buff who lives in New York City. Among his sources for this article were The First Transcontinental Railroad , by John D. Galloway (Simmons-Boardman, 1950); The Big Four , by Oscar Lewis (Knopf, 1938); The Story
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Stutler, Boyd B.
Boyd B. Stutler is a newspaperman who for 18 years was managing editor of the American Legion Magazine . He has followed the John Brown theme for 40 years and is now working on a biography. He lives in Charleston, W. Va.
Boyd B. Stutler's picture
Styron, William
William Clark Styron, Jr. (1925 – 2006) was an American novelist and essayist best known for his novels, including: Lie Down in Darkness (1951), The Confessions of Nat Turner (1967)and Sophie's Choice (1979); which inspired the Academy award-winning film starring Meryl Streep.
William Styron's picture
Suckow, Ruth
Until her death in 1960, Ruth Suckow was a distinguished regional writer, and many of her plots and characters have their roots in her native Iowa. Her first novel was Country People, published in 1924, and over the next thirty-five years there followed The Odyssey of a Nice Girl, The Bonney Family, The Folks, and several collections of short stories. T
Ruth Suckow's picture
Sudhalter, Richard M.
Richard M. Sudhalter is jazz critic for the New York Post , author of Bix: Man and Legend , and a respected cornetist.
Richard M. Sudhalter's picture
Sufrin, Mark
Mark Sufrin is a free-lance writer who has also directed film documentaries and been a motion-picture critic and lecturer.
Mark Sufrin's picture
Sugg,, Redding S. Jr.
Mr. Sugg, who is a leading authority on the works of John Faulkner, lives in Memphis, Tennessee, the metropolis nearest to Faulkner’s Mississippi hill country. It was with his cooperation, and with the kind permission of Mrs. John Faulkner, that the selection from Faulkner’s paintings on this and the following pages was made. With the exception of t
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Sullivan, Walter
Mr. Sullivan, the distinguished science editor of the New York Times , has won many awards for his own writing on science.
Walter Sullivan's picture
Sully, Langdon
Langdon Sully is the grandson of Alfred Sully. The letters and paintings included here belong to him and his brothers, Thomas, Robert, and Lealie
Langdon Sully's picture
Summers,, Harry G. Jr.
Col. Harry G. Summers, Jr., an infantry veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars, is now on the faculty of the U.S. Army War College. He is the author of On Strategy: A Critical Analysis of the Vietnam War .
Harry G. Summers, Jr.'s picture
Swafford, Tom
After a career in radio and television and as a professor of broadcasting, Tom Swafford is now retired and lives in Asheville, North Carolina.
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Swain, Martha
A native of Illinois, Martha Swain has been a free lance writer in New York for several years and is now on the staff of the Office of Information Services at New York University
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Swan, Jon
Jon Swan is an American poet, playwright, librettist, journalist, and editor. He studied at Oberlin College, from which he graduated with a degree in English in 1950. In the 1950s, he taught at the Ecole d'Humanite in Switzerland, worked for the American Friends Service Committee, and received a Master's Degree in English from Boston University. During the 1970s, he worked as a translator, from Du
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