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Wade, William W.
William W. Wade is at present deputy director of the Voice of America’s Munich Program Center. He is a former foreign correspondent and associate editor of Foreign Policy Association publications. For further reading: Great Britain and the American Civil War , by Ephraim Douglass Adams (Longm
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Wade, Richard C.
Richard Clement Wade (1921 – 2008) was an American urban studies professor and an advisor to many Democratic politicians and candidates, including Robert F. Kennedy. His unique approach to social science studies put an emphasis on cities. His book, The Urban Frontier (1959), challenged Frederick Jackson Turner's frontier thesis, asserting that the catalysts for western expansion were th
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Wahlgren, Erik
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Waldo, Terry
Terry Waldo is a jazz and ragtime pianist and the author of This Is Ragtime (Da Capo Press).
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Waldron, Robert
Mr. Waldron first encountered llie legend of Richard Harding Davis in tlie reminiscences of a night city editor on tlic Newark, New Jersey, Star Ledger , for which he was a specialfeatures writer, rewrite man, and statehouse correspondent before he accepted his current position as a si/iff writer for the Institute of Lif
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Walker, John
John Walker, author and critic, was formerly the director of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
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Walker, J. Samuel
Charles J. Errico is a professor of history at Northern Virginia Community College; J. Samuel Walker is the historian for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
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Walkins, T. H.
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Wall, Joseph Frazier
Dr. Wall, professor of history and dean at Grinnell College, is the first scholar to gain access to the Carnegie papers held by the United States Steel Company. The resulting biography, Andrew Carnegie , which will be published this month by Oxford University Press, is the basis for this article.
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Wallace, Edward S.
Edward S. Wallace, who contributed “ The Gray-Eyed Man of Destiny ” to the December, 1957, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE , is the author of several books, among them (with Major General John K. Herr) The Story of the U.S. Cavalry. Mr. Wallace lives in Lyme, Connecticut.
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Wallace, Carol Mcd.
Carol McD. Wallace is a free-lance writer based in New York.
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Wallace, Paul A. w.
Paul A. W. Wallace, editor of Pennsylvania History , is author of several books on Indian and Colonial history. Inset drawings are by Ray Fadden, present-day Mohawk. They represent traditional ways of depicting the myths of the Iroquois.
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Walston, Patrick
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Walton, John
John Walton teaches in the education department of Johns Hopkins University and is the author of John Filson of Kentucke , to be published this year by the University of Kentucky Press.
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Ward, Andrew S.
Andrew S. Ward is the author of The Slaves' War: The Civil War in the Words of Former Slaves, Our Bones are Scattered: The Cawnpore Massacres and The Indian Mutiny Of 1857, Dark Midnight When I Rise: The Story of the Jubilee Singers, and The Blood Seed.   He is a former contributing editor to Atlantic Monthly, commentator for National Public Radio's "All Thin
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Ward, Geoffrey C.
A former editor of AMERICAN HERITAGE, Geoffrey Ward is an author and screenwriter of various documentaries on American history. He wrote the television mini-series The Civil War with Ken Burns and has collaborated with Burns on every documentary he has made since, including Jazz and Baseball. This work won him five Emmy Awards. The most r
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Ward, Geoffrey
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Ward, Nathan
Nathan Ward is an author and journalist who served as an editor at American Heritage. In 2010 Ward published Dark Harbor: The War for the New York Waterfront. Ward frequently writes for The New York Times, and he lives in Brooklyn.
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Warinner, Emily V.
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Warner, Oliver
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Warner, Elaine
Elaine Warner is a writer living in Edmond, Oklahoma.
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Warren, Robert Penn
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Washburn, Wilcomb E.
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Wasserman, Dale
The author of dozens of works for stage and screen, Dale Wasserman (1914-2008) is perhaps best known for Man of La Mancha, his Tony-winning book about Miguel Cervantes and his famous character, Don Quixote. Our thanks to Errol Lincoln Uys for generously lending us photographs from
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Watkins, T.h.
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Watkins, T. H.
One of the foremost chroniclers of the American West, T. H. Watkins was an editor of Wilderness magazine and Wallace Stegner Distinguished Professor of Western American Studies at Montana State University. He is perhaps best known for Righteous Pilgrim, a 1990 biography of Harold L. Ickes, the crusading secretary of the
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Watson, Bruce
Bruce Watson, best known for his critically-acclaimed works Freedom Summer, Sacco and Vanzetti: The Men, The Murders, and The Judgment of Mankind, and Bread and Roses, lives in Western Massachusetts. He received a master's degree in American history from the University of Massachusetts, and worked as a journalist, an elementary school teacher, and a Peace Corps volunt
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Watterson, John S.
John S. Watterson is writing a book on early reform movements in football.
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Waugh, Jack
Jack Waugh is a free-lance writer who lives in Elkins, Virginia, not far from the Canaan Valley.
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Weaver, John D.
“I was graduated from, college in June, 1932,” John D. Weaver writes, “and came home to Washington, D.C., to find the shabby environs of the Capitol swarming with jobless men in frayed shirts, faded jeans, and overseas caps half-covering their thinning hair.” He talked to men and women of the bonus army and visited their camps; later this exper
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Weaver, Amy E.
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Webb, James R.
James R. Webb (was an American writer who won an Academy Award in 1963 for How the West Was Won. Webb was born in Denver, Colorado, and graduated from Stanford University in 1930. During the 1930s he worked both as a screenwriter and a fiction writer for a number of national magazines, including Collier's Weekly, Cosmopolitan and the Saturday Evening Post. Webb was commissioned an arm
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Webber, Curtis
The late Jeanne Curtis Webber was for many years a researcher for Fortune magazine, specializing in financial subjects. For further reading and looking: Wall Street, A Pictorial History , by Leonard Louis Levinson Ziff-Davis, 1961).
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Webster,, Donald B. Jr.
Mr. Webster is Curator of History and Art at the Roberson Memorial Center in Binghamton, New York. This is his second appearance in AMERICAN HERITAGE . For further reading: … and Tyler Too—A Biography of John and Julia Gardiner Tyler , by Robert Seager II (M
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Wecter, Dixon
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Wedgwood, Hensleigh C.
Hensleigh C. Wedgwood retired in 1958 from the world-famous pottery that was founded in 1959 by his great-great-great-great grandfather, who sent Thomas Griffiths to America. Mr. Wedgwood, now a resident of New York City, owns the original journal.
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Weeks, Robert P.
A professor of English at the University of Michigan, Robert P. Weeks has a summer home on Beaver Island and has made research on the Strang settlement a vacation hobby. Among important printed sources, he recommends The Kingdom of Saint James , by Milo M. Quaife (1930), and Crown of Glory: The
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Weeks, James
James Powell Weeks, Ph.D., was a writer, researcher, editor, and archivist who served as a fellow at the papers of the Abraham Lincoln Project, Springfield, IL, and then as editor of the "Civil War Times." Over the years, he wrote many articles for publications ranging from Sports Illustrated to scholarly journals. Weeks also taught history at Penn State and the University of Scranton. Weeks
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Weeks, Christopher
Christopher Weeks, an architectural and garden historian, serves on the Board of Trustees of the Baltimore Museum of Art.
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Weems, John Edward
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Weems, John E.
Mr. Weems is a member of the English department at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. He wrote A Weekend in September (Holt, 1957), a fuller treatment of the Galveston hurricane, and contributed “Peary or Cook: Who Discovered the North Pole? ” to our April, 1962, issue.
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Wefer, Marion
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Weinberger, Caspar W.
—Caspar W. Weinberger, who was Secretary of Defense from 1981 to 1987, is the chairman of Forbes Inc.
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Weintraub, Stanley
Stanley Weintraub, Evan Pugh Professor Emeritus of Arts and Humanities at Pennsylvania State University, is the author of Long Day’s Journey Into War: December 7, 1941 ; The Last Great Victory: The End of World War II ; and the just-published MacArthur’s Wa
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Weir, Robert M.
Dr. Weir, who teaches history at the University of South Carolina, is currently working on a book about the American Revolution in that state.
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Weisberg, Barbara M.
Barbara Weisberg is the author of Talking to the Dead: Kate and Maggie Fox and the Rise of Spiritualism, a nonfiction account of the lives of the two charismatic young progenitors of modern Spiritualism in the 19th century. A published poet and also the author of several children’s books, Weisberg first wrote about the Fox sisters for American Heritage magazine.
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Weisberger, Bernard A.
Bernard A. Weisberger, distinguished former history professor of Wayne State University and the Universities of Chicago and Rochester, was the associate editor of American Heritage from 1970 to 1972. He recently authored When Chicago Ruled Baseball: The Cubs-White Sox World Series of 1906 (William Morrow 2006), and has also written
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Weiss, David
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Welles, Arnold
Arnold Welles is a great-great-grandson of Samuel Slater. Graduated from Yale with honors in American history, he is now in the investment business and divides his time between Savannah, Georgia, and Northeast Harbor, Maine.
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Welsh, Peter C.
Peter Welsh is a curator at the Smithsonian Institution. He has just completed a book on the trotter in America.
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Wendland, Michael F.
Michael F. Wendland is a free-lance writer and an investigative reporter for the television station WDIV in Detroit.
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Wensyel, James W.
James W. Wensyel retired with the rank of colonel after a career in the U.S. Army.
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Werkley, Caroline E.
Caroline E. Werkley is a research librarian in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. A longer version of her article appeared earlier in The Journal of Library History .
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Werner, M. R.
M. R. Werner—journalist; biographer of Bryan, Barnum, and Brigham Young; author of a history of Tammany Hall—has contributed frequently to the New Yorker (among other magazines) and is a close student of his city’s past. During the last six months of La Guardia’s life, Mr. Werner worked with him on research for
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Wernick, Robert
Robert Wernick, formerly on the staff of Life, now lives in California. He is the author of many magazine articles and two novels. The epitaph on page in is from Over Their Dead Bodies: Yankee Epitaphs & History , by Thomas C. Mann and Janet Greene, published by the Stephen Greene Press.
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West, Elliott
Elliott West, a professor of history at the University of Arkansas, is now at work on a book about children of the frontier.
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Westin, Alan F.
Alan F. Westin is an associate professor of public law and government at Columbia University. He is at present working on a biography of Justice John Marshall Harlan—who, incidentally., was the grandfather of a present Supreme Court Justice who bears the same name. For further reading: The Constitut
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Westlake, Donald E.
—Donald E. Westlake is the author of the Dortmunder series of crime novels. His most recent book is The Ax .
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Wetherell, W. D.
W. D. Wetherell is a noted author best known for his novels, short stories, and nonfiction books on fly fishing and New England. His short stories have been published in the New England Review, the Kenyon Review, and other collections, and he has frequently contributed to The New York Times. 
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Wheeler, Richard
In 1972, Richard Wheeler became a book editor for a number of publishers, most notably Walker & Company. Inspired by both the westerns he was editing, Richard Wheeler penned his first novel, Bushwhack, for Doubleday Publishing in 1978. In 1989, he won his first Spur Awards from the Western Writers of America with Fool's Coach. He is five-time recipient of the award.
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Wheeler, Richard S.
Richard S. Wheeler is the author of the novel An Obituary for Major Reno , and of Eclipse: A Novel of Lewis and Clark .
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Whipple, A. B. c.
Addison Beecher Colvin Whipple is a historian and author who has written largely about oceanic subjects since the mid-1950s. He was an executive editor at Time-Life Books and before that an associate editor at Life Magazine. Whipple has authored 21 books including Yankee Whalers in the South Seas(1954), The Clipper Ships (1980), To the Shores of Tripol
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Whitcomb, Ian
Ian Whitcomb, entertainer, is on view at
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White, Irma Reed
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White, John I.
John I. White (1902-1992) was a writer, singer of cowboy songs, radio personality, and map draftsman. His singing career culminated when he played his guitar and sang as "The Lonesome Cowboy" on the NBC radio drama "Death Valley Days" sponsored by Twenty-Mule-Team Borax from 1929-1936. He maintained a lifelong interest in cowboy songs and the American W
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White, John H.
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White, Edward
After the Civil War broke out in 1861, Edward White enlisted in the Confederate army. Little is known of his activities other than that he served as a captain on the staff of Brigadier General Thomas L. Clingman, a participant in, among others, the Wilderness campaign. After the war White studied law in Winchester, Virginia, and was admitted to the bar
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White, Roger B.
Roger B. White is with the Division of Transportation of the National Museum of American History, in Washington, which recently opened an exhibition entitled “At Home on the Road: Autocamping, Motels, and the Rediscovery of America.”
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White, Richard
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White,, John H. Jr.
—John H. White, Jr., is a professor of history at Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, and is former curator of transportation at the National Museum of American History.
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White,, Ronald C. Jr.
Ronald C. White, Jr., is the author of The Eloquent President: A Portrait of Lincoln Through His Words and Lincoln’s Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural .
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Whitehill, Walter Muir
Mr. Whitehill is the director and librarian of the noted Boston Athenaeum. This article originally appeared in The Times Literary Supplement of London.
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Whitney, Ralph
Ralph Whitney, ex-naval officer, former magazine art editor, and steady contributor to ship periodicals, is now at work on a biography of E. K. Collins, to be published this fall.
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Whitridge, Arnold
Arnold Whitridge was master of Calhoun College and professor of history at Yale until 1942. His latest book, Simon Bolivar, the Great Liberator , appeared last year.
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Wicker, Tom
—Tom Wicker is the author most recently of Easter Lilly: A Novel of the South Today .
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Wiencek, Henry
Henry Wiencek is writing a book about the legacy of slavery.
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Wiener, Frederick Bernays
Frederick Bernays Wiener was the author of “Our Fumbling Foes of ’76” in the April issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE this year. A lawyer for over forty years and a retired colonel, he was recently awarded the Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Medal in recognition of “a lifetime of outstanding public service to the
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Wiener, Alan D.
Alan Wiener, an attorney who has been studying the DD Tanks for more than ten years, recently completed a book-length manuscript on the subject.
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Wightman, S. K.
New York 4th March 1865 [Signed] STILLMAN K. WIGHTMAN
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Wilk, Max
—Max WiIk wrote for the screen and television in its golden age and is the author of many books, most recently a history of Hollywood writers, Schmucks With Underwoods .
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Will, George F.
Considered one of the most influential journalists since World War II, George F. Will is a syndicated columnist, a television news analyst, and the author of several books, most recently One Man's America: The Pleasures and Provocations of Our Singular Nation (2008). Aside from his writings on politics and public policy, Will has also publish
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Willcox, Orlando Bolivar
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Williams, T. Harry
An authority on the Civil War, T. Harry Williams is professor of history at Louisiana State University. His most recent book was the best-selling Lincoln and His Generals .
T. Harry Williams's picture
Williams, Roger M.
The author of several books and many articles, Mr. Williams is currently writing a book on Golden Gate Bridge suicides.
Roger M. Williams's picture
Williams, Frank J.
Frank J. Williams Chief Justice Supreme Court of Rhode Island
Frank J. Williams's picture
Wills, Garry
Garry Wills has authored many books that study George Washington, Richard Nixon, the Kennedy family, Ronald Reagan, and religion in America. He has won many literary awards including, the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for Non-fiction for his book Lincoln at Gettysburg He currently serves as Professor Emeritus of History at Northwestern University.
Garry Wills's picture
Wilson, Ellen
Ellen Wilson teaches a course in children’s literature at Indiana University. She is the author of several books for children, the two most recent being Ernie Pyle: Boy From Back Home and, in collaboration with Nan AgIe, Three Boys and a Train .
Ellen Wilson's picture
Wilson, Charles Morrow
Arkansas-born but for many years a resident of Vermont, Charles Morrow Wilson has written articles for the Reader’s Digest and other magazines. Among his books are The Bodacious Ozarks and News Is Country Grown .
Charles Morrow Wilson's picture
Wilson, William E.
Mr. Wilson, a frequent contributor to AMERICAN HERITAGE , is the author of Indiana: A History , published last year. For further reading: The Lords Baltimore and the Maryland Palatinate , by C. C. Hall (J. Murphy, 1902);
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Wilson, William
William Wilson, a retired Green Beret colonel, is a veteran of the parachute invasions of France and Holland in World War II and took part in the defense of Bastogne with the 101st Airborne Division. Wilson served as an intelligence officer on the Joint Staff in Vietnam and, after retiring from the Army, helped build “Camp David Accord” air bases i
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Wilson, Douglas L.
Douglas L. Wilson is George A. Lawrence Professor of English at Knox College and is co-editor, with Rodney O. D’avis, of a forthcoming edition of W. H. Herndon’s letters and interviews about Lincoln to be published by the University of Illinois Press.
Douglas L. Wilson's picture
Winn, William W.
William W. W inn is the former managing editor of Atlanta magazine. He is currently a freelance writer specializing in articles on the South, and regularly writes a column for South Today , a publication of the Southern Regional Council.
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Winner, Viola Hopkins
Viola Hopkins Winner is completing a new study of Henry Adams entitled The Social Education of Henry Adams . She is also one of the editors of the six-volume Letters of Henry Adams (Harvard University Press).
Viola Hopkins Winner's picture
Winston, Alexander
Alexander Winston is the author who writes on the history of privateers and pirates, including his noted works No Man Knows My Grave (Houghton Mifflin, 1969) and Privateers and Pirates, 1665-1715.
Alexander Winston's picture
Wiseman, Carter
Carter Wiseman is a journalist and instructor at the Yale School of Architecture. He was architectural critic for New York magazine from 1980 to 1996 and recently retired as President of the McDowell Colony. Wiseman is the author of Twentieth-Century American Architecture and Louis I. Kahn: Beyond Time and Style: A Life in Architecture. He lives in Weston, Connecticut.
Carter Wiseman's picture
Wittenberg, Ernest
Mr. Wittenberg, a former newspaperman who now runs a public relations firm in Washington, D.C., contributed “Echec!” (about a nineteenth-century chess hoax) to the February, 1960, AMERICAN HERITAGE . For further reading: Wilson: The Struggle for Neutrality ,
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Wlllard, Pat
—Pat Willard is the author of Pie Every Day: Recipes and Slices of Life . Her latest book is A Soothing Broth .
Pat Wlllard's picture
Wohleber, Curt
Curt Wohleber's picture
Wolfe, Bertram D.
Bertram D. Wolfe is the author of Six Keys to the Soviet System; Khrushchev and Stalin’s Ghost; and Three Who Made a Revolution, the first volume of a history of the Russian Revolution. He is now at work on the second volume, The Conquest of Power. Nine years younger than John Reed, Mr. Wolfe knew him personally, as he did many of the other persons an
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Wolfe, Tom
Tom Wolfe’s most recent book is From Bauhaus to Our House , a controversial survey of modern architecture.
Tom Wolfe's picture