Confederate Joint Resolutions expressing the sense of Congress the subject of the late Peace Commission (Richmond, Virginia, 1865). Confederate House of Representatives, February 20, 1865 read first and second times in order to be printed (by Mr. Parkins from Committee on Foreign Affairs), 4 page, amendment offered by Mr. Gilmer. A Confederate imprint dated February 20, 1865, just three weeks after the Hampton Roads Peace Conference between Lincoln & the Confederate Delegacy. In an effort to stem further bloodshed, Confederate leaders John A. Campbell, Robert N. P. Hunter, and Vice President Alexander H. Stephens, crossed through the Petersburg Battle Line and met with President Lincoln to discuss a cessation of hostilities. President Lincoln's terms for peace were completely unacceptable to the Southern Commissioners. Lincoln demanded reunion and the Southerners wanted separate countries. The Confederacy used these talks to stir up Southern patriotism. From this point on, President Davis called for a fight to the death. This imprint continues in that spirit and accepts the resolutions from the various fighting troops and also reiterates the terms required for a just and honorable peace.
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