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About American Heritage Magazine

About American Heritage Magazine

Recently relaunched, American Heritage is the oldest, most widely known and respected popular U.S. history magazine. Central to its mission is making top-tier scholarship accessible to a wide range of audiences, proving that history can be lively, interesting, even spell-binding. 

For nearly 70 years, the magazine has told the American story with verve, humor, accuracy, compassion and, above all, authority. American Heritage has always been apolitical and non-partisan, but tells the story of our nation and the people who built it with respect and appreciation.

See "American Heritage is Back!" about the magazine's relaunch.

Edited first by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Bruce Catton, American Heritage has published the leading historians of the last half century including Stephen Ambrose, David McCullough, James McPherson, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Richard Snow, David Hackett Fischer, Barbara Tuchman, Joseph Ellis, Gordon Wood, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., John Gordon Steele, Geoffrey Ward, James M. McPherson, Annette Gordon-Reed, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., and Douglas Brinkley, to name a few.

The magazine has long been “the favorite companion of history lovers,” observed USA Today recently. “It presents its stories with rich illustration, including many never-before-seen photographs and artifacts, as well as commissioned maps and artwork.”

See "Golden Anniversary" about the magazine's history in the November/December 2004 issue.

Over the years American Heritage has garnered many honors, including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Its return after a brief hiatus in 2007 was “a joy to the world of American magazine publishing,” wrote Cynthia Grenier in The Washington Times.

American Heritage occupies a special place in publishing,” says Editor-in-Chief Edwin S. Grosvenor. “It is our nation’s shared memory, the place where the insights and observations of our best storytellers have been preserved over the generations.”

American Heritage’s sister magazine, Invention & Technology, is the only consumer magazine that celebrates the history of technology, science, and the innovative American spirit. It is scheduled to be relaunched this September.

For more about our authors and writing tradition, see Authors.

For more about our company and its history, see History.


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