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It came over with the Mayflower and stayed on to be the unchallenged drink of democracy.

In 1917, fed up with the inaction of conservative suffragists, Alice Paul decided on the unorthodox strategy of pressuring the president directly

A diminutive, persuasive Virginian hijacked the Constitutional Convention and forced the moderates to accept a national government with vastly expanded powers

A preeminent author recalls his experience as one of America's first combat historians, among a handful of men who accompanied soldiers into the bloodiest battles to write history as it was being made

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The AP's Secret Deal with the Nazis, by Michael S. Rosenwald Did the Associated Press violate the "Trading with the Enemy Act" to profit from selling Nazi propaganda photos, or was this an authorized effort to gain images with legitimate news value?
Frederick Douglass, Refugee, by David Blight Millions forced to flee as refugees and beg for asylum have felt Douglass’s agony, and thought his thoughts.
Gwen Ifill’s Clear-eyed Coverage of Bill Clinton, by David W. Dunlap This past year we lost a legend in the field of journalism. A look back at her coverage of Bill Clinton and the 1992 election and the journalist with the ability to bridge many gaps between race, gender and generations.
What Abraham Lincoln Can Teach Us About Ugly Politics, by Mark Tooley We should recall Lincoln's confidence in American democracy despite the perceived failure of the Washington Peace Conference of 1861.
Roosevelt Was Hardly Naive About Stalin, by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. When they met at Yalta, Roosevelt and Stalin had corresponded in more than 300 letters.

    Today in History

  • South Carolina joins the Union

    South Carolina ratifies the Constitution, becoming the eighth state to join the Union.

  • Himmler commits suicide

    Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler commits suicide one day after being captured by British forces in northern Germany. Himmler, who commanded the Nazi police and security forces, including the Gestapo and SS, offered to surrender to General Dwight Eisenhower if he could avoid prosecution. Eisenhower refused, and Himmler fled under an alias before British soldiers arrested him.

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  • Bonnie and Clyde killed

    Louisiana and Texas policemen shoot outlaws Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker as they try to evade capture in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. "Bonnie and Clyde" had been robbing banks and stores across the Southwest during the Great Depression and were gunned down in a stolen Ford V-8. 

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