Three quarter portrait in profile of Federal General William Farrar Smith (1824-1903). Brady/ Anthony image, w/ pencil ID at front bottom. Referred inside the Army as "Baldy" Smith. Excellent Engineer, won praise while out west earlier in the war from Generals Grant, Sherman and George H. Thomas. Went east and served as Commander of the XVIII Corps under Butler in the Bermuda Hundred Campaign. Criticized Butler as being: "as helpless as a child on the field of battle and as visionary as an opium eater in council." Went on to serve under Meade at Cold Harbor, and also criticized Meade. After suffering from the effects of malaria for a decade, Smith was relieved of his command of the XVIII Corps in July of 1864 and did not return to command. He retired in 1865, and went on to work with cable and telegraph companies. Died in 1903. Image is of Smith from his time as a Major General which he attained on July 4, 1862.
Description (physical):
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