Image of a lithograph of Henry Clay (1777-1852) who was one of the most prominent Politicians of the early half of the Nineteenth Century. US senator of Virginia Ca. 1808-1810 proponent for the War of 1812. From 1811 was Speaker of the House of Representatives. Defended the Presidency against charges made by Federalists. Helped negotiate peace with Britain in 1813. Treaty of Ghent signed in December of 1814. Failed in Presidential bid in 1824. Secretary of State Under John Quincy Adams. President of the American Colonization Society which worked to return freed slaves to Liberia. Whig leader through Jackson's presidency. Ran for President again in 1832, but lost badly. Lost the 1840 nomination for the Whig Party for President. Lost nomination as Whig nominee again in 1848. Prominent political figure following the Mexican War. By March 1851 his health had begun to impaired.
Description (physical):
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