Letter: Mark Twain Hotel - Jamestown, Tennessee

Mark Twain Hotel
Description (physical):
120 North Main,Missouri,Hannibal,63401
Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum
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Bartmann Jug

This jug is of the type known as Bartmann or "bearded man" for the bewhiskered face that adorns the neck. Bartmann jugs are also identified in the literature as "Bellarmines," a term popularly believed to be a satiric reference to the much despised Cardinal Robert Bellarmino (1542-1621). Read more »

Memento Mori Gold Ring

This early 17th-century gold ring depicts a skull with the initials C L and the Latin legend: Memento Mori or "remember thy death." Bly Straube, Historic Jamestown's Senior Curator, speculates that the initials could be attributed to Captain Christopher Lawne who was a member of the first Virginia General Assembly. Straube indicates "The ring would have been very expensive and would have been worn by a person of significant wealth and stature." Read more »

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