2003.003.001 Photograph, Jesse James (In Death) Photograph of Jesse James taken in Death, Image is a Ca. 1882 image taken of a Crayontype of James in death. Image by Guthries's Art Gallery of Cameron, Missouri. "Wild West" outlaw, a central member of the James/ Younger gang, who was equally reviled as he was adored by the public. Participated in bank and train robberies, including a bank robbery in stealing $60,000 from a bank in Liberty, MO. During the war he was a member of Quantrill's Raiders. His death was controversial, but the widely accepted version has him being shot in the back of the head by Bob Ford while hanging a picture frame in James' house in 1882 Custer Era. Entitled "The Dirty Little Coward That Shot Mr. Howard." Jesse James assumed the name "Mr. Howard" while he lived in St. Joseph, MO.
Description (physical):
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