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Student Museum

Sanford, Florida

The Student Museum offers Seminole County Public School students a unique learning...
Surratt House Museum

Clinton, Maryland

Built in 1852 as a middle-class plantation home, historic Surratt House also served as a...
Talbot County Museum & Gardens

Easton, Maryland

The Historical Society of Talbot County promotes the heritage of the area in its museum...
Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area tells the whole story of the Civil War,...
Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site

Tuskegee, Alabama

In the 1940's Tuskegee, Alabama became home to a "military experiment" to train...
Tuskegee Human And Civil Rights Multicultural Center

Tuskegee, Alabama

The Multicultural Center recounts the history of the different people and cultures that...
Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site

Tuskegee, Alabama

Since the beginning of America’s existence, education has always been considered as...
Weeksville Heritage Center

Brooklyn, New York

The landmark Hunterfly Road Houses are the last surviving residence of 19th century...
West Baton Rouge Museum

Port Allen, Louisiana

The West Baton Rouge Museum houses the only permanent collection of objects, photos,...