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John Steele Gordon has been a frequent contributor to American Heritage and the Wall Street Journal. He is the author most recently of An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power (HarperCollins 2004). Gordon's writing concentrates on business and financial history, and his 1999 book, The Great Game: The Emergence of Wall Street as a World Power, 1653-2000, was adapted into a two-hour CNBC special. Gordon's writing has also been published in the Washington Post's Book World, Outlook, Forbes, and The New York Times.

Articles by this Contributor

December 1993

A nineteenth-century blueprint for the savings-and-loan scandal

February/March 1994

Running the long-lived Louisiana Lottery was as certain a moneymaker as owning the mint

April 1994

A New York parish grew so profitable over the centuries it pays taxes voluntarily

May/June 1994

Mary Mallon could do one thing very well, and all she wanted was to be left to it

May/June 1994

Sewell Avery was a careful student of business history—but he learned the wrong lesson

July/August 1994

When the government manipulated and misused the robber barons

September 1994

Why can our government use accounting methods that would put any publicly held company out of business?

October 1994

The great, heroic American labor movement—how it became obsolete

November 1994

It went to Russia along with capitalism, but its greatest players worked over here

February/March 1995

How one of our most enlightened business leaders became the symbol of corporate ruthlessness