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John Steele Gordon has been a frequent contributor to American Heritage and the Wall Street Journal. He is the author most recently of An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power (HarperCollins 2004). Gordon's writing concentrates on business and financial history, and his 1999 book, The Great Game: The Emergence of Wall Street as a World Power, 1653-2000, was adapted into a two-hour CNBC special. Gordon's writing has also been published in the Washington Post's Book World, Outlook, Forbes, and The New York Times.

Articles by this Contributor

April 1997

AT&T protected its interests with the fiercest vigilance—and thereby helped bring itself down

May/june 1997

The author’s desk connects him with a businessman forebear, the Indian wars, and Old Hickory

July/August 1997

Sometimes making a lot of money is a snap. And sometimes it’s a snare.

September 1997

The most glamorous business of the industrial era almost always lost money. But nobody paid a steeper price than Edward Knight Collins.

November 1997

How a tireless impresario parlayed a cloud of smoke into several fortunes

December 1997

Will the current bull market die spectacularly, à la 1929, or—as in 1974—strangle in weird silence?

February/March 1998

The rush for treasure in the West is more than part of a picturesque past; it has profoundly shaped our present

April 1998

When Irma Rombauer finally found a publisher for her famous cookbook, her troubles began in earnest

May/June 1998

In theory it works fine; in practice it has often made situations much worse

May/June 1998