Oliver Jensen

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A railroad man himself, Oliver Jensen is a founder of the Connecticut Valley Railroad, a live-steam operation based in Essex. He is also a founder of this magazine.

Articles by this Contributor

August/September 1980

When old James E. Taylor exercised his powers of near-total recall to set down memories of the Shenandoah campaign, he left us a unique record of a very new, very hazardous profession

August/september 1984

March 1988

A man who has spent his life helping transform old photos from agreeable curiosities into a vital historical tool explains their magical power to bring the past into the present

November 1990

Good luck and a determined woman save the lone photographic record of a historic era in Vermont

April 1991

For some people Yale is as inevitable as income tax—and a great deal more fun

December 1992

It was bitter civil war, and a remarkable book offers us perhaps the most intimate picture we have of what it was like for the ordinary people who got caught in its terrible machinery

October 1998

The great storyteller and famed historian lent authority and good advice to our aspiring magazine