Local History Makes Good-sometimes

The systematic collection of the sources of local, as well as of national, history began in the United States with the organization in 1791 of the Massachusetts Historical Society.Read more »

The American Heritage Society Awards

In the last issue this magazine commenced regular and intensive coverage ot conservation and historic preservation, signifying our deep concern for the widely endangered physical heritage of America. This month we are pleased to announce that this concern is to he backed up by a group of awards, totalling $50,000, to be given by the American Heritage Society, the organization launched last July to bring together our two scholarly and founding groups, our history-publishing operations, and the readers whose interest supports us. Read more »

Memo To: Oliver Wendell Holmes From: The Friends Of Old Ironsides Subject: Help!

It was a bright day for the Republic, that afternoon of May 15, 1815, when the U.S.S. Constitution victoriously dropped anchor oil the Battery at New York. Of all the gala homecomings that Castle Clinton’s low brown walls would witness in the next century and a half, none would be charged with more patriotic fervor. Read more »