America’s Princess

Twenty-five years after Grace Kelly’s tragic death, Howell Conant’s photographs of her still resonate with the “natural glamour” that changed Hollywood

It was an extraordinary friendship between photographer and subject. Over a period spanning 27 years, from the early years of her Hollywood fame to her tragic car accident in 1982, Howell Conant captured Grace Kelly as she blossomed from a movie legend into a princess and then mother and royal role model. In the process, Conant broke through the cold, goddess-style portrait style that was the vogue and created a new look in Hollywood portraits: natural glamour. Yet throughout, Conant acted not just as her official photographer but also her confidante, who had access to Grace in her most private moments. Read more »

Treasure Trove Of Capa Negatives Discovered

Photographer Robert Capa fled Paris in 1939 at the outbreak of World War II, abandoning three cardboard cases containing some 3,500 photographic negatives taken during the Spanish Civil War. Capa, whom a British magazine once acclaimed “the greatest war photographer in the world” for his work spanning five conflicts, never saw them again, a landmine claiming his life while he was on assignment in Indochina. Read more »

“Do You Want To See Her?”

An ambitious young magazine editor and a tormented photographer together discovered a Marilyn Monroe nobody knew

One afternoon in 1955 I was staring into a glass of scotch at the Gladstone Hotel in Manhattan. I had downed several, but they failed to subdue my panic. I was jammed up, and my only hope, sitting across the table and smiling serenely, was my friend Sam Shaw. As a young editor at Redbook I had been praised and promoted, which led me to overreach so far that my job was now hanging by the thinnest thread—Sam’s connection to Marilyn Monroe.

Indispensable Photographs

The most indispensable photographs show us who we are: the formal portraits of our great-grandparents as newly arrived immigrants and our own parents on their wedding day; the candid snapshots of our youthful selves and of our own children at moments in time gone forever. They mean little to anyone whose life is not tied to the memories. Read more »