Braddlock’s Alumni

Or, a dogged attempt to assemble a most remarkable company—the famous survivors of the battle lost by a British general on the Monongahela. Everybody who was anybody was there, from George Washington to Daniel Boone. Everybody, that is, but B. Gratz Brown

On the evening of Washington’s Birthday last, my wife and I went to the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania to hear a talk on “Pennsylvania—A State Neglected in Our Country’s History.”

After the lecture the ladies of the society served coffee and small sandwiches in the basement. There I chanced to see Mr. G., president of the Pittsburgh company i work lor. I approached him and said:

“There is a little-recognized fact of history which never ceases to astonish me.

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Account Of A Buyer Of Bargains

I AM the husband of a buyer of bargains. My wife has fomewhere heard, that a good houfewifé never had any thing to purchafe, when it was wanted. This maxim is often in her mouth, and always in her head.