Gems From The Gay Dog’s Companion

In the late nineteenth century, it has often been remarked, a lady’s name appeared in print only three times—at birth, at marriage, and at death. However, there were other women, just as there was—and always is—another history than that which appears in the textbooks, a kind of tabloid obbligato to more important events.

Tears And Laughter

A Portfolio of Sentimentals and Comics by Currier & Ives

They were, without question, the busiest people on earth. When they were not fighting Indians, Mexicans, or each other, they were hacking a nation of cities, farms, and factories out of the continental wilderness. In spare moments they built graceful steamboats, high-stepping railroad engines, and tall sailing ships to seek the world’s commerce. Rough, practical, hard-handed, these Nineteenth-Century Americans were, yet sentimental to the core. They hung mottoes seriously.