The Art Of Enterprise

A Chicago advertising executive's crusade for greater production through beautiful posters.

During the boom years between World War I and the Great Depression, the American economy surged ahead on its war-tuned pistons, and the order of the day was production. Factories turned out radios, telephones, and Model A’s, while in the cities, high in the towers of commerce, armies of statisticians and managers, secretaries and speculators, produced the paper evidence of our national prosperity.Read more »

See Rock City

Like most people who make history, Clark Byers had something else on his mind. When the young sign painter loaded his pickup with ladders and paint buckets one day in 1936 and set out to persuade farmers to let him paint an advertising message on their barns, it would not have occurred to him that he would help define an era in American folk culture. But the thirty-year odyssey that began that day made an unknown tourist attraction world famous, and the slogan “See Rock City” a ubiquitous phrase familiar even to those who have no idea what it means. Read more »