To Plan A Trip

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon may be reached via the SPM Express ferry from Fortune, Newfoundland ( / 800-563-2006) or on Air Saint-Pierre from Montreal, St. John’s, or Halifax, with additional departure cities in summer ( / 877-277-7765). Read more »

Bootleg Paradise

Seeking a monument to Prohibition’s immense impact on American society, the writer finds it in a French colony.

Prohibition ranks among America’s most vivid historic epochs. Yet the era of flappers and jazz is also curiously Oz-like. The drinking ban dominated the American social and cultural conversation between 1920 and 1933. Then one day the country awoke as if from a dream to find all traces of it gone, save for a few bootlegged bottles that washed up at local historical society museums, flotsam on history’s beach. Read more »