A hundred boardwalks, gone but not quite dead, await a new dawn

Right in the middle of Wildwood is an old Woolworth’s, locked up and closed. If you glance into the windows, you could mistake it for a storage space, though you might do a double take at the giant bear that waits, ready to attack, inside the door.

But if you stop and peer inside, you’ll see that it is packed with arcade games from the past century. It’s the result of a decades-long obsession of Randy Senna, a Jersey native who has devoted his life to preserving the midway games of his youth. Read more »

Shoobie Doo Wop

Planning a Trip to Wildwood

General: The Wildwood Chamber of Commerce ( www.gwcoc.org / 609-729-4000) is a good place to begin. The Doo Wop Preservation League ( doowopusa.org / 609-729-4000) grew out of the recent revival of architectural interest in Wildwood, much of it spearheaded by the late Steven Izenour, who brought architecture students to study the town. The league offers trolley tours, a downloadable map of all the remaining motels, and lots of links about mid-century doo-wop architecture. For souvenirs, consider vintage prints and postcards from www.doowopstuff.com .
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A New Jersey seaside resort struggles to save the architecture—and the memories—of the Eisenhower years


If you have 20 cents, you can recapture your childhood on the Wildwood boardwalk.Read more »