The Sage Of Emporia

Newspaper editor William Allen White once observed that “in the country town we gain in contact with our neighbors. We know people by the score, by the hundred.…Our affairs become common with one another, our joys mutual, and even our sorrows are shared.…It all makes life pleasantly livable.” And for half a century, he was the country’s most influential spokesman for small-town America; his tragedy was that he never quite believed what he said. Read more »

“well, What Are You Going To Do About It?”

Thus Boss Richard Croker breezily dismissed charges of corruption. But the fortune he made from “honest graft” was not enough to buy him what he most wanted

The most glamorous and the most powerful —of the Tammany bosses who ran New York City for much of the century between Boss Tweed and Carmine DeSapio was Richard Croker. Read more »