Autograph Book of Major Edward Cambell of the Eighty-fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers. Made during the siege of Fort Wagner. Campbell was stationed at Folley Island with the siege force of Charleston and would continue in the United States Army with an illustrious career as a Lieutenant Colonel, eventually leading a bayonet charge outside of Charleston in 1864. Major Campbell dutifully requested all officers stationed at or visiting Folley Island to this book, many sent personal freetings as well including Brigadier General Alfred Terry, who was present at the Barrle of First Bull Run and the capture of Port Royal and Fort Pulaski, Georgia. Other Generals include: General R.S. Foster. who took part in the capture of Fort Gregg. Also, Generals Israel Vogdes and General Quincy Gilmore who served as Division Commander. Featured as well as several notable autographs including Col. Lewis Bell of the Fourth New Hampshire Volunteers who was engaged in heavy fighting all throughout South Carolina during 1863. US Navy Captain George B. Balch, commander of the USS Pawnee and the USS Wabash is also included. Other autographs include an Army and Navy surgeon and 40 other staff officers from throughout the Union Army, including Captain Lewis Payne of the One-Hundredth New York Infantry who was captured at Fort Wagner and put under the guns in Charleston.
Description (physical):
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