2003.002.008a&b Letter, George A. Custer Letter written by George A. Custer while a cadet at West Point to his girlfriend Minnie. Dated November 12, 59. Describes his attack of Scarlet Fever. Two separate sheets with writing on both sides - lengthy 8 page letter to his girlfriend Minnie written from the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, Saturday November 12, 1859. Full of Custer bravado attempting to get back into good graces with his girlfriend by describing his attack of Scarlet Fever. He states ?forgive me for my neglect and I promise to do better in the future, Minnie has underlined this and added her own note, he has broken his promises before?. He then goes on to describe having his photograph taken at West Point, then he goes on to describe having been placed under arrest at West Point, ?I think I prophesied that I would be under arrest before I was here six months and I proved to be a true prophet for I have been under arrest just five week today. I will not tell you my offense this time but reserve it for my next but I was caught in the net in that I along with several other cadets were marched to meals under armed guard by nine sentinels - I am still ever yours - Armstrong?. Certainly one of the finest Custer letters from West Point, Custer was rowdy as ever and received numerous demerits however his rowdiness proved to be to his advantage during battle and he went on to become one of the most famous Generals in American history. (8 page letter all in his hand)
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2003.002.008 a&b
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