Checking Registration Numbers

Dorothea Lange
Taken in Hayward, CA. "Evacuees of Japanese ancestry about ready to board the bus to an Assembly Center. An official of WCCA Control Station is checking registration numbers. Social worker in the background is assisting in the evacuation." By U.S. Government order, many like the Mochida family and Eddie Nomura left their former lives behind. In the preceding chaotic weeks, they had stored, burned, sold or abandoned personal possessions, farms, homes and businesses in preparation for the trip to Assembly Centers. Close friends and neighbors said their goodbyes and wished them luck. Quakers offered coffee, donuts and moral support. Armed soldiers lingered among the piles of luggage when the bus or train arrived, it was time to go.
Description (physical):
B&W Photograph
5001 Hwy. 395 Independence,California 93526
Manzanar National Historic Site