Houston Daily Telegraph - Houston, Texas, June 14, 1864. The front page includes an article entitled: "A Capitol Hit - The Lincoln Catechism Questions and Answers", a series of disparaging question and answers about Lincoln. Sample question and answers: "What is the Constitution? A compact with Hell now obsolete. By whom has the Constitution made obsolete? By Abraham Africanus the 1st. To what end? That his may be long in office and that he may make himself and his people equal of negroes. What is a President? A general agent for negroes." Also included is a reprint of an article from the New York News where General Grant is not allowing General Lee the time to temporarily stop fighting long enough to bury the dead. General Grant strategy is reported to be not only to defeat the enemy, but also to demoralize it. Also included are stories about how Generals Jackson and Longstreet were injured during battle. Also included are reports from the Baylor Guard (of Texas) that gives a long account of the regiments actions at and around Mansfield and Pleasant Hill.
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