Model Of The USS Pennsylvania

Considerably larger than previous American armored cruisers, USS Pennsylvania was commissioned on March 9, 1905. Pennsylvania contributed to the beginnings of naval aviation. This model captures the historic landing by an airplane onto a ship made by Eugene Ely on January 18, 1911. Renamed Pittsburgh on August 27, 1912, Read more »

Description (physical):

Scale of model: 1/4" to 1'. Original ship dimensions: Length 503' 11"; Beam 69' 7"; Draft 24' 1"; Displacement 13,400 tons; Speed 22 knots.

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National Museum of the U.S. Navy

McDonnell Douglas NA-4M Skyhawk

McDonnell Douglas

The Skyhawk is a lightweight attack aircraft conceived during the Korean conflict. It was designed as a successor to the propeller-driven AD (A-l Skyraider) with Ed Heinemann heading up the Douglas design team. The Douglas production line started in September 1953, and continued until 27 February 1979; 2,960 were built (2,405 attack and 555 trainers) in 21 versions. Skyhawks were bought by six other nations. It's first flight powered by a Wright J-65-W-2 turbojet engine was on 22 June 1954 and it joined our operational fleet in October 1956. Read more »

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Patuxent River Naval Air Museum