Four CDV's. Three of which are of CSN officer Captain W. Breedlove Smith. Smith was served aboard the CSS Alabama, and was reported to be the final officer of the Alabama taken out of the water following the ship's defeat to the USS Kearsarge (both of these ships are featured in the Gladstone photo collection, Captain Semmes is also featured. The first image 2004.002.132a is full portrait of well dressed man with mustache and slicked back hair. Image 2004.002.132b is a half portrait of Smith with a white shirt and a black bowtie, he is wearing the same facial hair as Ambrose Burnside, backmark: "Washburn, New Orleans and dates to 1870". Image 2004.002.c is another image of Smith and is wearing the same facial hair as in image 2004.002.132b but neither of 2004.002.132b or 2004.002.132c look like the man in image 2004.002.132a. 2004.002.132c is a vignette of Smith with a dark jacket which is buttoned high on chest. The final image 2004.002.132d is of a baby girl. This image is ID'd in ink as being "Hetty" and has a locket of blonde hair attached to the top left of the image. On the back of 2004.002.132c was taken in Paris following the destruction of the CSS Alabama, and has written on the back: "To my sister in case the one I sent previously shouldn't arrive. Breedlove. Paris July 24th, 1864." 2004.002.132c ("George Great Rex, "Southampton" backmark).
Description (physical):
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2004.002.132 A-D
Pamplin Historical Park and the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier