Leg prosthesis. 9 1/2"H leather brace fits around leg above where knee would be. Brace is open on one side with holes for straps. Two leather straps extend below brace on either side of opening for base of stump approx. where knee would be, they are screwed into circular metal plates that are attached to top edge of wooden portion of leg. Plates allow brace to move from front to back. Hollow wooden leg is 14 1/8'L. Metal plates extend half-way down leg on either side, are connected to circular plates. Top half of leg is painted red -bottom is painted black. 7/8" x 4 3/4" rectangular piece of wood screwed to front center of leg with four 1/4" screws. Surface is even with surface of rest of leg. Wooden "foot" attached to leg with bolts on either side of where ankle would be. Bolts allow foot to move up & down. "Sole" of foot is leather down to "heel" portion. Leather band around top center of foot. Wooden "toes" carved in upper portion of foot. Leather band is cracking on either end. Paint is worn off of leg in numerous places. "Foot" appears to have been painted white at one time but most of the paint has worn off. Ball of twine inserted in opening of "heel" section of foot.
Description (physical):
Wood, leather.
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Pamplin Historical Park and the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier