Memento Mori Gold Ring

This early 17th-century gold ring depicts a skull with the initials C L and the Latin legend: Memento Mori or "remember thy death." Bly Straube, Historic Jamestown's Senior Curator, speculates that the initials could be attributed to Captain Christopher Lawne who was a member of the first Virginia General Assembly. Straube indicates "The ring would have been very expensive and would have been worn by a person of significant wealth and stature." Read more »

Historic Jamestown

"yames Towne" Lead Tag

This small lead plaque, reading "Yames Towne," is the equivalent of a modern-day luggage tag. The plaque was probably marking some merchandise that had been warehoused in London before being shipped out to Jamestown. The odd "Y" spelling may suggest a German or Dutch origin for the goods as those languages represented "j"s with "y"s during this time period. This tag was one of the remarkable finds discovered in an early-17th century well just inside the northern bulwark of James Fort in the Summer of 2006. Read more »

Found inside the northern bulwark of James Fort in the Historic Jamestowne excavation.
Historic Jamestowne