“a-h-h B-l-o-o-w-s”


In this the Americans did not join. Year by year the American whalers, using the old methods, became fewer and fewer. The last New Bedford whaler to take whales was the schooner John R. Manta , which sailed on the second of May, 1925, returning from a cruise on the Matteras grounds on August 20 of the same year. A lew voyages were made from San Francisco during the next three years, but they were probably more concerned with the Arctic fur trade than with anything else. The business simply sputtered out. The Wanderer was wrecked, the ancient ship Charles Morgan was hauled oft to become a museum piece, and one of the most colorful of all American industries came to a close. Never again would a Yankee sailor at the masthead send that long, quavering cry over the empty sea—

—“A-h-h—b-l-o-o o-w-s!”