"As I Am Now So You Must Be”


Remember me as you pass by. As you are now, so once was I; As I am now, so you must be, Therefore prepare fo follow me.

In a Vernon, cemetery, a minister with the unlikly name of the Reverend Bunker Gay wrote an epitaph for the son of the thirs husband of Mrs. Jemima Tute, who survived Indian captivity and three husbands:

Here lies cut down, like unripe fruit, A son of Mr. Amos Tute. … To death he fell a helpless prey, On April V & Twentieth Day, In seventeen hundred seventy-seven, Quitting this world, we hope, for Heaven. … Behold the amazing alteration, Effected by inoculation; The means employed his life to save, Hurried him headlong to the grave. …

But somehow the visitor is not depressed. In a light, luminescent fog, !n the soft wash of a warm spring rain, the old churchyards achieve a quality that is singularly their own—a sense ol profound, eternal repose and exaltation of spirit. Death holds no terror here.