April 1956

Volume 7
Issue 3


At Cowpens, Dan Morgan showed how militia can be used. The formula worked in three later fights.

Gambling on a diplomatic coup with a wily Napoleon, he maneuvered America into the needless War of 1812
A glimpse at the ancient lore of cattle brands
What the old-time peddler meant in the development of the American frontier

Both grimness and beauty touch this haunting fragment of America’s past

It was quite an air meet. In 1910 it was sensational to see 14 planes aloft at one time, and the spectators seemed to feel the airplane was here to stay.
Through the years the chief executive’s job has grown in power. Here is a study of the men who made it a greater office.

Maybe the American success myth began with this carpenter’s helper who rose to riches, a title, and a governorship

Yellow fever killed 4,000 in Philadelphia in 1793, amd puzzled doctors ignored the real clue to blame “miasmata” in the air
April 1956