Canal Line Boat "Frank B. Thomson"



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Canal Line Boat "Frank B. Thomson"

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Canal Line Boat "Frank B. Thomson"


Content Description: 

The "Frank Buchanan Thomson" is a full-size waterline reconstruction of a Erie Canal line boat with crew quarters, cargo and passenger areas, housed at the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, N.Y.This type of canal boat was owned by a shipping line and called a "Line Boat." They were often painted every imaginable color in order to attract passengers. Line boats primarily carried cargo but were designed to carry passengers in the forward cabin as well. Teams of horses or mules to tow the boats were stabled by the line at relay points along the canal. The "Frank Buchanan Thomson" is 65 feet long, and would have drawn 3 1/2 feet (the original canal was dredged to four feet deep.Mrs. Frank B. Thomson, a Trustee of the Erie Canal Museum, made a generous gift to the Weighlock Restoration in honor of her son who was the Museum's founding director, 1962-1976. The "Frank Buchanan Thomson" was christened on November 25, 1985.

Physical Description: 

65 feet long, 14 foot beam (width)

318 Erie Boulevard East,New York,Syracuse,13202