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A Check List Of New Books

May 2018

The Virginia Exiles , by Elizabeth Gray Vining. J. B. Lippincott Company. $3.95.

A novel about 23 Pennsylvanians, who during the Revolution were banished to Virginia because they refused to subscribe to a loyalty oath.

Andrew Jackson: Symbol for an Age , by John William Ward. Oxford University Press. $5.

The mind of Nineteenth-Century America is explored in this book which is more of a study of Jackson’s time than of the man himself.

The Federalism of James A. Bayard , by Morton Borden. Columbia University Press. $3.75.

This biography of the prominent Federalist James A. Bayard of Delaware (1767-1815) brings to light many facets of Federalist politics.

The Life and Adventures of Joaquín Murieta , by Yellow Bird (John Rollin Ridge), with an introduction by Joseph Henry Jackson. University of Oklahoma Press. $2.

An original account of the exploits of the famous California bandit, written 100 years ago by an imaginative Cherokee Indian.

The American Frontier: Our Unique Heritage , by Nelson Beecher Keyes. Hanover House, $3.50.

The story of our frontier from the days of the first Norsemen to the admission of Arizona as a state.

The Concise Encyclopedia of Antiques , compiled by The Connoisseur . Hawthorn Books. $8.95.

Written by twenty of the world’s best-known authorities and covering a wide variety of subjects, this invaluable guide is also profusely illustrated.

American Political Thought , by Alan Pendleton Grimes. Henry Holt & Co. $6.

A well-organized account of American political thought from Colonial times to the present, stressing the post-Civil War period.

Forgotten Leaders of the Revolution , by Howard Swiggett. Doubleday & Company. $4.

A composite biography of some of the extraordinary men who led the Revolution and built the young Republic and then, for one reason or another, faded into oblivion.

Government by Investigation , by Alan Earth. The Viking Press. $3.

A searching inquiry into the rights and wrongs of congressional investigations, past and present.

The Devil’s Pretty Daughter and Other Ozark Folk Tales , by Vance Randolph. Columbia University Press. $3.75.

This new collection of stories was transcribed on the spot by the author and is presented in true Ozarkian style.

John Maynard Keynes , by Seymour Harris. Charles Scribner’s Sons. $3.

A balanced and incisive study of Keynes’ theories which, after 35 years, continue to be potent and much-debated.

The Nation and the States, Rivals or Partners? , by William Anderson. University of Minnesota Press. $3.75.

A discussion of the issues involved in current controversies over federal grants-in-aid, states’ rights, overlapping taxes, and other aspects of the problem of balance of governmental power.

The Explorers of North America: 1492-1806 , by John Bartlet Brebner. Doubleday Anchor. $1.25.

Since its original appearance in 1933 this book, now issued in paper-back, has served as one of the definitive accounts of the opening up of the North American continent.

Gilbert Stuart , by James Thomas Flexner. Alfred A. Knopf. $2.50.

A skillful and frank appraisal of America’s greatest portrait painter.

The Margaret Sanger Story , by Lawrence Lader. Doubleday & Company. $4.

The story of the colorful, dynamic woman who became the champion of birth control, and the great crusade she waged.

Henry George , by Charles Albro Barker. Oxford University Press. $9.50.

Not only a biography of one of America’s most exciting social thinkers, but also an intellectual and emotional history which vividly re-creates the atmosphere of mid to late Nineteenth-Century America.

The Great Merchants , by Tom Mahoney. Harper and Brothers. $3.95.

A history of twenty great retail enterprises and the personalities of the men and women who made them.

John Sloan: A Painter’s Life , by Van Wyck Brooks. E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc. $5.

The life of a great American artist, as well as a record of a period of far-reaching change and growth in our national art.

Heroines of Dixie: Confederate Women Tell Their Story of the War , by Katharine M. Jones. Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc. $5.

The story of the war told chronologically in the letters and diaries of various southern women who lived through it.

The Twenties: American Writing in the Postwar Decade , by Frederick J. Hoffman. The Viking Press. $5.

A thorough examination of the “Jazz Age” in which, paradoxically, some of our most remarkable creative writing was produced.

Steel Trails and Iron Horses: A Pageant of American Railroading , by Lamont Buchanan. G. P. Putnam’s Sons. $3.95.

From yesterday’s woodburners to the Diesels of today, with selected highspots from the exciting history of railroading and illustrated with more than 185 pictures.