Grant Wood’s Road


And so Grant Wood’s road still rolls on today, into the quiet suburbs and their industrial parks, on into the abundant countryside, through Nebraska’s wheat farms and Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, to Promontory Point in Utah, where the transcontinental railroad’s golden spike connected East to West, to the slot arcades of Reno and the domed capitol in Sacramento, to Silicon Valley and on to the Hawaiian Islands, to our military bases in South Korea and throughout Western Europe, whence our nation’s founders came. Wood’s road did not start in Iowa; it began on the Atlantic Coast when the first settlers hitched their wagons and started plowing westward. Now the American road spans the globe, and the vehicles of our progress keep driving on ever forward toward the next horizon. It is my hope that this book will inspire the pioneers of tomorrow to take a few moments from their rush to ponder the ways of our past, and to learn from them.