June 1965

Volume 16
Issue 4


In 1917 Bernard J, Gallagher, a fresh-faced medical school graduate, left the lakes of his native Minnesota to make the world safe for democracy and learned that war was just what Shernian said it was


The artists faced their sketch pads with no knowledge of what they were about to draw. The subject was given—and


The hair-raising deeds of Throwing Down, The Other Magpie, and Elk Hollering in the Water lead one to believe that the female of the red-skinned species was

The natives never could live quite happily with “off-island” civilization—but neither could they live without it

Shortly before the Civil War, an observant Austrian Franz-of-all-trades roamed half the continent, drawing as he went. In his “Sketches from Northwestern America and Canada” we glimpse the Eden of the pioneers


Who propped the murdered highjacker against the sycamore tree?
What happened when the ßre chief used a spittoon for a helmet?
Why did the lighthouse keeper s daughter go to bed for forty years?
Who says small towns are dull?

A boy who fought at Bull Run tells of prebattle excitement and bewilderment on the field

Neglected for over half a century, Emanuel Leutze’s huge historical canvas hovered near oblivion. Then this magazine helped to rediscover

June 1965