Seeing And Hearing History


Edward Everett Hale’s famous tale of The Man Without a Country (Young America Films, 18 East 41st Street, N.Y. 17), set in this period, is available as a 15-minute 16mm. motion picture.

Western Americana

Westward expansion is set forth in two more of The Pageant of America filmstrips. “Westward to the Mississippi” describes the advance of the frontier across the Appalachians, while “Winning the Far West” carries the frontier on to the Pacific. Both strips sketch the physical surroundings encountered in occupying the continent.

Two important individuals in the movement westward are the subjects of recent Enrichment recordings. Daniel Boone—The Opening of the Wilderness furnishes a clear-cut characterization of Boone, his exploits, and life on the Kentucky frontier. Sam Houston—The Tallest Texan recounts some of the details of the American settlement of Texas and the conflict with Mexico.

American Lives

Biographies of nine Leaders of America (Eye Gate House) are displayed in filmstrip form. Subjects of the series are: John Paul Jones, Haym Solomon, Robert E. Lee, Andrew Carnegie, Luther Burbank, Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Ford, George Washington Carver, and a combined sketch of both George W. Goethals and William C. Gorgas. The diversity of fields represented by these Americans constitutes a useful survey of historic activities. The full-color drawings are clearly and accurately designed.

Musical Americana

The Old South comes to life in the recorded musical demonstration of The Confederacy (Columbia Records, SL-220). The suite, by Richard Bales, is based on the popular music of the South during the Civil War years and is here performed by the National Gallery orchestra with soloists and choir. Bales combines contrasting musical expressions into an impressive document.

Harry Dichter (5458 Montgomery Avenue, Philadelphia 31) has devoted himself to making available the sources of our musical history. In a noble, ambitious, personal program, Mr. Dichter plans to provide authentic facsimiles of outstanding items of musical Americana. His releases, so far, consist of: An Introduction to the Singing of Psalm Tunes , by the Reverend Mr. Tufts, the earliest American publication devoted exclusively to music, made from one of the two known copies dating from 1726; A Compilation of the Litanies and Vespers Hymns and Anthems as They are Sung in the Catholic Church , by John Aitken, from the Philadelphia edition of 1787; Seven Songs for the Harpsichord , by Francis Hopkinson and dedicated by him to George Washington in Philadelphia in 1788, the first collection of secular music by a native American; and Baseball in Music and Song , a portfolio of fourteen pieces of sheet music relating to the national pastime as originally published between 1860 and 1894.